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The High Street Store Locator is a a brand new iPhone app. Unfortunately, it is not showing up in any search of the Internet. The best I can do is give you the AppShopper link that can take you to the app itself. Click here to find High Street Store Locator in AppShopper.

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This app is really quite clever and accurate. It was able to find even the smallest of local art stores that I am already familiar with, and a few that I am not. High Street Store Locator is powered by Foursquare, and it features more than 40 shop categories. The app allows you to check in with Foursquare when you visit any shop. By signing in, you can share on social sites and leave tips and advice for other shoppers.

Search for stores by name, or just look at what it finds near your current location. Read reviews, advice, and tips by other shoppers. This kind of reminds me of Yelp. Except, it is just for shopping.

To get the most out of this app (which is normally going to be $2), you really need a Foursquare account. I don’t have a Foursquare account because I kind of find it a little creepy and 1984ish. But, this app is very helpful in finding independent stores and giving you directions. Instead of just finding the big box stores, High Street Store Locator found all the little local shops that I am familiar with and that I like to support.

When I was searching around the Internet to find the link to this app for you, I found this article instead: Apple Stores to Visit Before You Die. It is a slide show of beautiful Apple Retail Stores around the world, featured by PC Magazine (ironic). Below is a picture of Apple’s Covenant Garden store in London. Click on the slideshow link to see the other stores. They are all quite exceptional.

Covenant Garden Apple Retail Store in London

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