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The Best Big Fish Games Summer Review & Roundup is finally done, so stop on by to see new releases that will blow you away!

There are so many Big Fish games these days that it can get a little confusing and overwhelming for someone who is just starting to explore these at times terrific games.

In case you hadn't heard of Big Fish before, they are developers who specialize mostly in games where you are finding and interacting with objects in scenes that are brought together through the telling of an overarching story. Many of the games are simply find hidden objects, but many require you to use the objects that you find in a certain way to move the story forward. Some are very well done, others not so much. Most of the games are free to try for the first few levels, and then you can purchase the rest of the game. I prefer to try a few minutes perhaps and then purchase the full game separately, if it's available. It's just a matter of preference though.

I apologize for just screenshots of screenshots, but all of these games are large and I delete them after I finish with them to make room for more. Most Big Fish games cost between $2 and $7 for the full version.

Here are 5 excellent Big Fish games.

Drawn by Big Fish Games

1. Drawn: The Painted Tower HD for iPad (free version | full version): This was my first Big Fish game. And, I was lucky. Because it is really the best that they have available. It is an amazing story and a fabulous game that is so well done it will encompass you totally in its magic.

The broad strokes are that you enter a tower that is cursed and all the paintings are torn and destroyed. You must fix each painting (which becomes a new level) and then enter the painting and solve the puzzles that lie within. You are trying to save Iris in time. Before the darkness reaches the tower. And, you do so with the help of many compelling characters who will help you along the way.

What makes Drawn: The Painted Tower so great is that there is no senseless searching for an umbrella when it has nothing to do with the story. That is in fact the thing that really separates the good from the bad games by Big Fish. The good games, like Drawn, thoroughly use every single puzzle and item to move the story forward and do not waste your time with senseless searches for random items.

Drawn is a large game that not even I could finish in one or two sittings. I didn't want to anyway. Like a good book, I wanted to enjoy each level completely. Another factor that separates the good from the bad is the music. And, Drawn has some fantastic music. Atmospheric and brooding and fully absorbing.

Flux Family Secrets

2. Flux Family Secrets – The Ripple Effect for iPhone (free version | full version) and for iPad (free version | full version): In Flux Family Secrets, you play a character who is contacted by a very rich family. You arrive at their mansion to find out what secrets from your past they hold only to find out that you must travel through time and space to fix errors in time. Explore famous historical sites like the Wright Brothers' workshop, the Beatle's studio, and Benjamin Franklin's study. Find misplaced objects scattered throughout all of the scenes that help you to solve clever puzzles.

This is another big game. There are 10 chapters and 20 mini games. And, it is done very well. You may think you have things figured out at the beginning, but you're probably wrong. The ending of this game will stand you on your head and make you wish there were a second game already.

Mystery Trackers: The Void

3. Mystery Trackers: The Void for iPad (free version | full version): The Void is another game that will have you crossing space and time to solve a crime and figure out the mystery. It's utterly enormous in scope and so well done.

The story behind The Void involves a doctor who lived in a mansion where he did terrible secret experiments for years. The mansion has been abandoned for a decade when 3 celebrities go missing while staying there. You play the detective who is trying to solve the mystery of their disappearances. It'll leave you scratching your head wondering if you really uncovered all of the secrets there were to be had. The story may sound a little stale, but its telling is unique and the world you enter will be completely fantastic.

Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal

4. Brunhilda and the Dark Crystal for iPhone (free version | full version) and for iPad (free version | full version): While Brunhilda may seem just like a game for children upon first glance, I assure you that it is challenging enough for most grown-ups. A clever game with beautifully hand-drawn graphics, Brunhilda will take you out of the everyday world and plop you down in a world filled with magic.

(As an aside, why do all of these hidden object games have to feature or contain mice? Really? Can we lay off with the mice already please? That is all. Move along.)

About Brunhilda, you are called upon as the niece of a woman you never meet to go on a quest to save the Magic Realm. Along the way you meet mice (ewww), dragons with funny dreams, good wizards, and bad wizards. And, you solve many puzzles and save the day many times over. This is a game with a lot of humor in it. Your assistant on the quest is a very funny demon who lives in your knapsack. He may annoy you at first, but you'll grow to like him.

Snark Busters

5. Snark Busters for iPhone (free version | full version) and for iPad (free version | full version): This brings us to today. I decided that despite the mice in the last game I played, I would try again. So, today I started to play Snark Busters. And, it's a real treat. So far, no mice (it's really a phobia of mine). Snark Busters is very light-hearted and fun.

The thing that I really love about Snark Busters is that it doesn't even feel like a hidden objects game. It feels like everything you are doing is about solving the bigger puzzle. The idea of traveling between worlds through mirrors while tracking a snark is pure fun. The other part I love is that there is a follow up game to Snark Busters and I already own it. Yay!

If you find that you like any of the Big Fish games and would like to own more, get on their email list and find out about sales and add games to your AppShopper wishlist. I bought a lot of my Big Fish games in a 99 cent sale that they had last fall. They regularly feature a game on sale and release new games constantly. I'll let you know how Snark Busters and its sequel turn out and see you all later. Until then …

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