Quote Apps with a Lot to Say

Quotes are always handy. Whether you’re looking for something clever to write in a card or letter or for something to add spice to a speech, using someone else’s words is sometimes for the best. So, for whatever occasion or situation, here’s some little apps with a lot to say.

Wisdom Quotes HD

Wisdom Quotes HD (free version here) is a universal app with 3,200 quotes. It features an easy-to-use interface, images and links to the corresponding author’s profile on Wikipedia, random Quote of the Day feature, and the ability to set your favorites and to do keyword searches through the quotes.


QuoteDeck is an iPhone app with more than 30,000 quotes by more than 2,600 authors. Search through quotes based on author names, author types (i.e. politician, actor, etc.), and topics. Includes built-in information on authors. Rate quotes on a star system and save them to favorites. Quickly view the most viewed and top rated quotes by other viewers. This is a nice app to look at as well. It has more than 250 backgrounds and more than 100 table designs (see the picture).

A univeral quotation app that is larger than large is Quotes Folder (free version here). This universal app has more than 65,000 quotes, maxims, and aphorisms in 4 languages (English, Italian, Spanish, and French). Save your favorites. Save your own quotes and organize them by folder. Get a Quote of the Day with notifications. Get a random quote by shaking your iPhone.

Quotebot – 30,000 Great Quotations features guess how many quotes offline in a universal app. If you don’t have Internet but need a quote, this is your best bet. Search quotes by keyword and author. Browse by author and category.

Saying – for greeting cards is a highly rated, free (ad-supported) app that features categories for childbirth, wedding, exam, birthday, love, guestbook, farewell, convalescense, and condolences.

Not to be confused with the first app, but Wisdom Quotes (and my favorite quote app) is a free and ad-free iPhone app that displays random quotes from an online database which is continuosly evolving. It allows you to save your favorites and to send quotes by text or email to others. Plus, it’s really very cool looking. Very Zen.

So, I just hit 5,000 views and almost 200 blog followers in about two and a half months. I wanted to say thank you to all of you for making it so much fun to blog about something I love!

That’s it for my brief Memorial Day offering. Go enjoy the day!

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