Top Camera Apps Provide Full Function Photography

Let’s take a look at 4 of the best examples of fully functional camera apps that let you shoot and edit in 1 app.



This iPhone app is my go-to app for the sharpest photos done in the quickest way possible. The clarity filter alone makes Camera+ an absolute necessity for both the amateur and the professional alike.

Camera+ Lightbox

Camera+ was my first real camera app when I got an iPhone. And, it’s my favorite way to improve a photo. Especially when that photo is too dark or too dull.

Everything starts with the camera, which has a stabilizer, grid to line up your shot, 6x digital zoom, and LED flashlight to brighten the darkest corners.

After you get your shos, open up the Camera+ Lightbox to view it like a negative from a film camera. Swipe through each shot easily and then get to work improving upon them with Camera+’s Scene mode that is similar to the best digital camera.

Scene mode is where you will find the Clarity filter, along with Flash, which adds in any light you may be missing in a photo, Backlit, which is perfect for photos where the light is coming from behind your subject, and Cloudy or Shade for photos that are too dark. Experiment with each Scene setting until you find the right one for each shot. Clarity is usually the right choice for me because it adds sharpness and light making almost any photo perfect, but you may find another in Scene mode that you like better. I doubt you will have a hard time finding one that you like.

Camera+ filter effects

In addition to Scene mode, Camera+ has a great cropping tool that lets you crop to many specifications, including those with Golden ratios.

After setting up your best photo and getting the Scene setting just right, play around with dozens of amazing filters. Camera+ partnered with a professional photographer to come up with the best filter effects you can find. Use simulated HDR effects and 35 other effects grouped under Color, Retro, Special, and I ❤ Analog categories. Then add a special border to your photo, and finish by tapping done.

Right now, Camera+ can be had for only 99 cents, which is quite a steal for an app that is guaranteed to make any photo special and any photographer a pro. Many cameras have imitated Camera+, including using similar names, but accept no alternative. Camera+ is the real deal.

King Camera

King Camera

This free iPhone camera is a powerful weapon in the photographer’s arsenal. To remove ads and the watermark and to be able to export in full resolution, there is an in-app purchase for $1.99, which is well worth what this camera is capable of doing. But, even without the in-app purchase, you are able to utilize all of King Camera’s functions.

The camera itself has a self-timer, anti-shake setting, white balance and exposure lock, and grid to help compose your shot. King Camera is also able to shoot time lapse photography, HD video, and stop motion animation. Choose from shooting with a big button (where the whole screen is the trigger), and a sound trigger (where you just make a noise and the camera shoots). You can also add your name to the metadata.

King Camera's Photo Desk

When you are done shooting, King Camera takes you to the Photo Desk for editing. Choose from 36 different filter effects in 4 categories: Color, Monochrome, Toy Camera, and Themes.

Or, make your own effects using Promatik. Promatik lets you crop and align your photo, adjust the white balance and saturation of individual colors, add intensity, put up to 3 tints in combination over the entire photo, add up to 3 light leaks (there are 18 to choose from), add up to 3 textures (there are 12 to choose from), add a vignette in many colors, and add a border or frame from the multitude of choices. Promatik also lets you adjust the exposure, contrast, blacks, brights, shadows, and recovery, each on a slider.

The metadata of any photo is easy to access and shows the location where the photo was shot on a map.

There is a video tutorial to familiarize you with all of King Camera’s functions, which are so expansive you may need to watch it!

For a free camera, you would be hard pressed to find something with more functions that can do just about anything a you want to do with a photo. And, the in-app purchase is cheaper than many other paid cameras charge for fewer advantages than King Camera offers.

Top Camera

Top Camera – HDR and Slow Shutter (iPad version)

This is really 4 cameras in 1. Top Camera performs as a normal camera capturing amazing stills, a true HDR camera, a slow shutter camera, and a video camera with zoom capability all together with a friendly user interface that could feel cluttered but doesn’t. This is also the only camera on this list with an iPad version, although I use all of the cameras in their iPhone version on my iPad as well. But, the iPad version is nice to have.

Top Camera filter effects

Choose from shooting with different triggers: the normal button, big button, volume button, and sound trigger. Do live adjustments to the contrast, brightness, saturation, and temperature. Use a stabilizer to prevent blurry shots. And, use rapid burst to shoot about 6 photos a second.

The HDR camera lets you shoot either manually or in automatic. And, the Slow Shutter camera has automatic, manual, and light trail modes.

One of the unique features of Top Camera is it’s internal gallery where you can store photos in folders. Save to this internal gallery, the Photos app, or both. Sort your photos into different folders where you can reorder, rename, and export them.

From the internal gallery, you can click on any photo to begin editing it. Crop a photo to many proportions, including those with the Golden ratio. The one thing missing in Camera+ is the ability to crop to the Golden ratio in either landscape or portait mode, but Top Camera gives both options for any photo no matter which direction it is oriented.

All of the usual photo editing adjustments are available in Top Camera. In addition, there are an astounding 72 filter effects that include everything from Fake-HDR to Noise Reduction and Grunge to Sketch. When you have found the perfect filter, you can add the perfect border to finish off your photo.

Make sure you check out all the settings available in Top Camera, because they are extensive.

Try Top Camera Lite for the iPhone to get a feel for what this amazing camera is capable of.



Last but not least is ProCamera for the iPhone. When shooting, ProCamera features Expert Mode, which allows you to set the exposure, focus, and white balance separately. Hold the shutter down to shoot in RapidFire mode at up to 12 photos a second. Use a volume trigger with either the volume button on or a buttons on headphones as the trigger. And, record video in full HD with zoom capability. Use the stabilizer to avoid shaky, blurry photos. You can set an adjustable timer, visual timestamp, 6x HQ digital zoom in full resolution, alignment grid, virtual horizon, and Green Mode, which conserves battery life for your device.

ProCamera's Pro Lab

When you are done using the extensive shooting features, you can edit your photos in ProCamera’s Pro Lab Studio, Pro FX Studio, and Pro Cut Studio.

The Pro Lab Studio has a scene mode and auto improvements that show you just what you are doing full screen. The Pro FX Studio features 36 effects in 4 categories: Color, Vintage, Special, and Retouch. Pro Cut Studio lets you crop, staighten (at angles unavailable in other cameras), and rotate your photo.

In addition to the camera and editing functions of ProCamera, you can scan QR, DataMatrix, and EAN codes to find out information on products, services and events.

ProCamera is the app that many swear by as the best digital camera alternative around.

Well, that’s it for me today. Happy shooting. Until later, …

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