Buncee Bits, Buncee Pro Bring Creativity Bounding By

Some recent Buncee Bits by other users

The recently updated Buncee Bits is a 5-star champion when it comes to creative expression for any reason. As you can see from the picture above, Buncee users utilize what Buncee Bits has in fun, unique, and creative ways. Upon opening Buncee Bits, you are taken to this scene where you can view recent Buncee creations by other users.

Buncee Bits

After you fill up on inspiration, switch to the Create view to make your own magic. I don’t know if Buncee took a note from Instagram or vice versa, but everything you create in Buncee Bits is square, as you can see in the photos. The only flaw for me is that the entire app is in portrait mode. If you’re a landscape mode kind of persion, which I am, you have to adjust.

Once you are ready, start with a background of either your own photo or a graphic from the Buncee Bits Gallery. The Gallery is divided up into many categories: Animals, Birthday, Bubbles, Cityscapes, Everyday, Holiday, Meme, Occasions, Photographic, Sports, Stationay, and Textures & Colors. This is really the best part of Buncee Bits. The graphics are outstanding and the choices are plentiful! There are hundreds of backgrounds in the Buncee Bits Gallery.

From there, you add text in many fonts, any color, and any size. You can even draw what you want to say or show yourself. Finally, add a frame to finish it off.

Buncee Bits is a fabulous choice whether you are writing a letter, making a card, or just horsing around. There is definitely a finished feel to the app. Something that says finesse.

For a free, universal app with no ads, Buncee Bits is more than most could wish for.

Buncee Pro

Buncee Pro – Custom eCards and Greeting Cards is a close cousin to Buncee Bits. This iPad only app is currently 99 cents, but it is worth every penny.

Buncee Pro

Buncee Pro features 80 custom backgrounds on which you can compose your collage. There are more than 150 clip art and speech bubble graphics to choose from. Add text, photos (you can edit and filter them, too), and drawings for a very persona touch. Each element can be adjusted for size and angle. Drawings and text can be in any of 20 colors.

Buncee Pro is polished and beautiful, while at the same time it is fun and cute. You can definitely create just about anything you can imagine with the help of Buncee Pro.

That’s it for me today. Until later, …

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