Little Bit of Everything In Scrapnote


Scrapnote is a little bit note-taking, a little bit collage, and a little bit rock and roll.

A brand new app released for the iPad today in the App Store called Scrapnote is full of a little bit of everything, including awesomeness. Scrapnote is the perfect way to create a modern scrapbook. You can pull in videos from YouTube, photos from your library, PDFs and other types of documents or notes from Dropbox or other apps, reminders and data from Evernote, anything you’re looking at on the Web, scraps from your clipboard, and so much more.


In no time at all, I was able to create the 2 pages that I photographed for today’s post. You can see the toolbar place where you grab your material in this photo (in the middle). Just click on the source for what you want to include and get started. There’s even an inbox to store things that you open from other apps or pull in from the Internet. It’s like a holding area for all of your ideas. To pull in things from other apps, you just use the “open in” button in available apps, like Dropbox or your email.

There’s even a bookmarklet that you can install from the settings menu that allows you to just click one button in Safari and pull in whatever you are looking at. It works just like the Pin It button for Pinterest, except that it opens up the app for you to place your item instead.

One thing I really like is that the YouTube videos you bring in are watchable within their box on your page instead of taking you to YouTube itself or something to watch them. They just play perfectly right on the page. You could even put your own videos on YouTube (and make them private if you want, I think) and that way you can add your own videos to your scrapbook/note.


When you download the app, you will find in your library (pictured to the right), a user guide notebook and an example notebook of ideas of things you can do. And, wow they are inspiring. The user guide is short and sweet, and I found the whole process of creating a new notebook and creating the pages I did completely intuitive and easy.

As you can see, there are a variety of covers that you can choose from for each notebook you create and it doesn’t seem there is any limit on the number of notebooks you can create or the number of pages within them. When you create a notebook, you choose the paper you want to start with for the notebook and a specific cover comes with it.

To edit the cover of each notebook, click on the little i in the upper corner of the book. From there you can change the look of the cover or edit the title. To enter edit mode for the entire library, just click and hold one of the notebooks. That way, you can delete or export any notebook. Right now, you can only export through iTunes File Sharing. Hopefully, there will be a way to link to Dropbox or something else in the future.


And, if you find that you just want to take some notes or draw a picture, you can do that, too. There is a quill for writing or drawing, a marker, a highlighter, and an eraser included in the app. You just pick which one you want, what size you want, and the color you want, and you’re off. You can work in both portrait and landscape mode, which is very nice!

I do wish that you could pick your colors from a color grid instead of being limited to the 15 colors included in the app. But, it’s a brand new app, so I expect we’ll see lots of developments and additions down the line from this exciting new offering.

The writing is smooth and natural with any of the tools included. This is handwriting at its best on the iPad. The only thing you can’t do is write really small. This developer also has a note-taking app called Jotter, which is one of my favorites because of its beautiful handwriting, which obviously made its way to this app.


If you decide that you want to add a little bit of text (or a lot), there is a text input selection in the toolbar, as well. There are 6 types of boxes within which to write and 6 types of notes/stickers to write on. Each can grow to any size you choose. It’s a really nice intro selection, but I hope to see more in the future and maybe the ability to edit the color of the notes that exist currently. But, I love the natural and fun choices there are so far.

All of the usual Apple fonts are included, and you can change the size, orientation, and color of the text, too.


Everything you bring into Scrapnote is within a frame and you can choose from 5 frame options currently. I really hope this selection gets bigger and that you can choose the color, size, and shape of the frame in the future. But, it is a nice intro offering. You can also include a title with each item and when you click on the little i in the bottom corner of the item, you can see and edit the title and see where the item came from and when it was added.

To access the frame selection, move the item around on the page, and access the option to crop the item, you just hold down on the item for a few seconds. It would be nice for there to be an edit button that just allowed you to move things around on the page. Right now, if you forget to hold down for a few seconds, you draw on whatever you are trying to move. But, there are easy undo/redo buttons to help you get rid of whatever. If you choose to crop the item within the frame, you just move the slider up and down until it’s the size you want and then move the item around in the frame until it is placed the way you want.

To resize anything on the page, just click and drag from the bottom, right-hand corner.


There is an in-app browser that lets you go to any website and scrap anything from that site. You can click on the photo button and all the photos from the page pop up Pinterest-style. You select which photos you like and click scrap to add them to the current notebook or to your inbox. You can also crop part of the page and scrap it or just scrap the entire page. Very cool.

If you accidentally put something on one page and want to move it, just press and hold it, and select cut. Then move to the page you want to put it on and press and hold the background and select paste.


And, if you want to see all of the pages in your notebook at once or jump to another page quickly, just press the page numbers on the bottom of the page and a lovely box pops up from the bottom and shows you mini mock-ups of all of your pages. If you have a lot of pages, just hit the white up arrow to make the box go full screen.

You are supposed to be able to do this from the library view as well in a “quick look” without opening the notebook, but I can’t figure out how to do it.

My last wishes for Scrapnote (as you can see, I’ve scattered my wishes throughout the review), include that there be a better selection of paper choices for the page backgrounds. Currently there are 13 choices, but I only like a few of them. I would like to see more colors and textures to really be able to create “art” out of scrap. I do absolutely love that you can choose a different paper for each and every page of a single notebook or apply the paper throughout the entire notebook. It’s up to you. I love that. And, lastly, there needs to be a way to look at your notebook without the toolbar in the way so that you can see how it looks when you’re finished. There isn’t currently a way to hide the toolbar.

At an introductory sale price of $2.99, Scrapnote is an absolute steal of a deal. This app has me more excited than I have been in a long time. It is just works smoothly and easily. Working with Scrapnote is a delight and a breeze. You will have a beautiful note/scrapbook/journal/art piece in no time at all. This is a wholly original app with a combined set of featues I have never seen in one place before. Very, very cool!

That’s it for me today. Until later, …

10 thoughts on “Little Bit of Everything In Scrapnote

  1. Thanks for Sharing A ” Little bit of Everything ” ScrapNote ” App’s Tidbids Tracy ! I Found this App Tremendous Useful in Total so I Wanna Say of this App ” A Lot of Everything ” instead Lol.
    I was Hinted Several Helpful Tips in Your Article Thx.
    By the Way Do you know How to Backup Whole Contents of Scrapped Notes, Say , to ” i-Cloud ” or ” Google Drive “, ” SkyDrive ” ?
    And as of Present Version of This App We only can Type in Normal Text Mode but Not in Rich Text of HTML, My Understanding is Right ?

    • Hi, sorry it has taken me so long to reply. Holidays drive me crazy!

      I’m glad you found the post helpful! I checked and if you hold down on any book from the main menu and then click the box with the arrow in it that appears, you can choose to backup just that book to Dropbox, save it for transfer using iTunes, or you can open it in another app. Although only Dropbox is an option, you could use the ‘open in another app’ option to open the file in the Google Drive app or any other cloud app to save there. I don’t see a way to save multiple books at a time though. If you’re using iCloud to backup your device, your Scrapnotes are technically backed up to that cloud already.

      I was able to use rich text in Scrapnote using the settings on top of the on-screen keyboard. If you’re using an external keyboard, there’s a chance you’re not able to see those options, which is a problem the developer should know about if that’s the case.

      If you have any other questions, let me know! Thanks for reading iOS Affairs!

      • Hi Tracy, Thank You for your Reply and for Another Tip of Typing in A Text Mode.
        This Note Book App is Really Superb, Someone Called it’s 21st Century Note Book App in The Blog. Absolutely So !
        Seamless, Flawless and Effortless Sequence Ending Up to A Very Customized Personal Scrap Book is Wonderful Different from Any Other Notebook App So Far !
        But Its Only Drawback to me is that I Cannot Copy or Sync Whole Contents as A One Note to DropBox, i-Colud or Whatever Cloud Service.
        Its Instruction Says You Can Copy Whole One Notebook to DropBox. Yea You Can Upload it to DropBox and I Did it in Fact but Unable to Open and Read it on DropBox ’cause File Extension is ScrapBook Proper One, I Suppose. I tried Several Major Apps to Open and to Read it Unsuccessfully too.
        Backup File itself Might Work When You Need to Restore Going Through by ScrapBook App, but What We Want is Seamless Integrarion with Cloud Service like EverNote.
        Wherever You’re and from Whatever Devices You Can See and Read the Whole Contents of Scrapped Book You’ve Made, don’t We ?

        So for the Time Being I Gave Up Syncing with DropBox and Other Cloud Services.
        You Mentioned i-Cloud is Valid but How ? Please Show me how to Sync with i-Cloud.
        Generally Speaking What I Really Wonder is So Many Apps like that Tend to Refer and to Be Able to ” Open in ” DropBox or Google Drive, SkyDrive but Never Mention how to Collaborate with ” i-Cloud “. Why ? What’s Wrong with i-Cloud. Could You Explain it and is there Any Way to Link These Useful Apps with i-Cloud ?

        What I’m Doing right Now as A Substitute is Devide One Notebook into Several Blocks and Save as PDF Files and Send them to Whatever Cloud Service. It Works for me for The Stopgap Solution other than Saving Video Files.
        What’s Interesting to me is Unless I Failed to Save ScrapNote’s Contents on Cloud Service, I Even Don’t Pay Attention to Various PDF Generating/Editing Apps. Out of Need I Searched Several Apps on App Store and Found Very Handy and Useful 2 Apps that are ” Web to PDF Plus ” and ” DocAS Light “. I am Now Combining these 2 Apps for Making 1 PDF File, Rough Making Draft PDF by ” Web to PDF ” and Final Form for Saving by ” DocAS Light “.
        That’s Really Fun for me to Create My own Book-like PDF Files.
        What’s Good about Them is They’re FREE, Ha, Ha !!!!!! Of Couse Free Light Version are Restricted in Some Functions. I May Upgrade them Some Day Consulting My Purse.
        If You’re Interested in Them Tracy, Try !

        Same Goes to ScrapNote. As for Scrapnote I Definite Will Upgrade. That’s Worth it, I Think.

        Long as My Posting This Time, I Wish You & Your Family A Good Year Days to Come, Ciao !


        • POS:
          What I Forgot to Write Good about ” DocAS Light ” is To Be Able to Delete Particular Page that You Like to erase i.e. Just A Blank or Footer Page in PDF Files So Easily !
          On the Other Hand Really Persistant and Obtrusive ” Why Not Upgrading ? ” Pop-Up is Really ANNOYING, Ha,Ha !!!

        • Sorry for the delay in responding!

          I’m sorry I hadn’t noticed that once uploaded to Dropbox, you can’t actually open Scrapnote uploads. I suspect that it is precisely as you suggested, which is a way to save your notebooks in case something happens & you need to download them to Scrapbook again. It is unfortunate that this limitation exists.

          I highly recommend contacting the developer & expressing your desire for a more useful uploading ability. If you have trouble contacting them, let me know & I’ll try to find their info.

          More seamless integration with cloud services is definitely something I think we all desire & I think as more people begin to use cloud services integration will improve.

          iCloud is a bit different as a cloud storage service. As long as you have iCloud turned on for your device, backup happens automatically. But, it is not the type of service where you can then go to an app or online & find the info you backed up. Instead, it serves as protection incase something happens to your device. If you’ve used an iCloud backup to set up a new device, you’ll notice that iCloud stores all your info as a bulk file that once chosen restores your device to the point in time you last backed up. You can only choose from backups done in the past week or so, I believe.

          Also, iCloud does save files, photos, settings, homescreen layouts, & such, but it doesn’t actually save your music & apps. Instead, it saves links to those items in iTunes & the App Store. This saves space & stretches what you can do with the 5GB Apple gives you in free iCloud storage.

          I am planning on doing a post on iCloud in the next few months to answer these type of questions. If you have anything you’d really like to see in that post, please send me an email at

          Your workaround method for saving a notebook in Scrapbook is rather ingenious! I have not used the specific apps you mentioned using to do this, but I use similar apps. For PDFs, I use iAnnotate, which I have reviewed twice on this blog. Although, since reviewing iAnnotate last, they have added even more features! Actually, I just looked & I do own the full version of DocAS, but I have never used it :) I’ll have to check it out!

          Thank you for your detailed explanation of your workaround! I’m sure that it will help many others with the same problem.

          • Hi, Tracy. Thank You for your Reply.
            Congratulations to All of us, Today is The 7th Anniversary of Historical Introduction of ” Changed The World ” 1st i-Phone !!!
            Let’s Say ” Thank You ! ” to Our Late Steve Jobs !

            Let’s Talk about ScrapNote and Other Useful Apps in Immediate Days to Come. Ciao.

  2. Thanks for all the information. I hadn’t seen the little scraps of paper for notes! I only saw the boring text boxes. I am creating an album from a recent trip to Italy and am loving this app. I have a question – is there a way to delete a page? I can add pages, but there doesn’t seem to a delete button for a page. Thanks!

    • If you tap on the page number at the bottom of the page it will bring up a list of your pages. When the little pages come up, just press and hold the page you want to edit or delete. That will bring up edit mode and you can delete a page from there by pressing the garbage can in the far left corner of the page list. Have fun with your book!

    • I don’t see a direct printing possibility from within the app, but you can email either a page or an entire book. Click on the gear on a page and choose “send to” to email that page. Tap and hold down on a book to enter edit mode and select that book and click the box with the arrow in it to send the book to an email or to iTunes to put it on your computer. From your email or from your computer, you could then print the page or book. I know that’s a bit of a pain and a workaround, but it is a way to print.

      If printing is important to you, you should definitely contact the developer and let them know that. They seem like responsive developers who would be open to suggestions. And, it does seem a bit weird that there is no print option built in. It is a scrapbook after all.

      Hope this helps!

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