KitCam by PhotoForge2 Developers Open & Ready for Business

KitCam, a brand new iPhone camera by the developers of PhotoForge2, is ready for takers in the App Store now (video above pulled from YouTube). I’ve reviewed the excellent PhotoForge2 previously.


For $1.99, KitCam offers up quite an amazing array of options all put together in a neat little package. Optimized for the iPhone 5, KitCam sets itself apart from the everyday by doing what it does in a very excellent way.

The features are similar to many you may find in a lot of other 3rd-party cameras, but the precision with which they are tied together and the elegance of the package may just make you want to consider another camera.

As you can see in the photo at left, KitCam has a lot of standard settings, some not-so-standard, and they’re all arranged so neatly, you’re sure to be able to figure this little beauty out in no time.

All the menus tuck away neatly when you don’t need them. The only reason you see so much menu there is because I have 3 open at once.

If you press the button that is not lit up in the photo above, you are given quite a few choices in quite a wonderful way to adjust the brightness level of the photo you’re shooting. You can increase/decrease the brightness, but you can also choose the type of lighting that you are shooting with, as well.


In addition to functioning as a regular camera, KitCam also works as a video camera, a timed camera, and can take multiple exposures shots. It also has a great continuous shooting mode that can be set to save at high speed (in low res) or at a slightly slower speed in a higher res.

One of the main features of KitCam is the fact that it has full resolution live previews of 13 lenses, 30 film types, and 18 frame styles. Three styles in each of those categories are in-app purchase upgrades though, but it is still a nice range of styles for a new offering.

The fish-eye camera (an in-app purchase) is good enough that I’m considering adding on the lenses.


If you currently own PhotoForge2, you get an extra FREE film, and I discovered that if you Tweet about loving KitCam from within the app, you receive a 2nd FREE film.

There is a really nice integration between PhotoForge2 (reviewed here by me) and KitCam. It works 1 way of course, but any photo that you take in KitCam can easily be ported over into PhotoForge2 (assuming that you own PhotoForge2) for more heavy duty editing.

KitCam also features Dropbox integration and lets you archive using Ftp and uploading to Flickr. Other services include Facebook and Tumblr uploading.

Some of the other settings include: capture location, camera SFX, face detection, video stabilization, low light boost, and volume shutter.


From within KitCam, you can do quite a bit of editing, though. In addition to the usual adjustments, you can change all the lens/film/frame type settings for each photo even after you take it using 1 set.

As part of the regular editing, I am particularly fond of the Clarify auto adjustment that really sharpens up a photo without pixelating it any.

The only thing that you CAN’T do is bring a photo that you’ve already shot into KitCam to edit. So, no adding these awesome films/lenses to photos shot in other cameras. I hope that changes in the future.

KitCam saves photos at up to 8MP for the iPhone 4S/5 and shoots video in full 1080p HD.

So, if you’re looking for a great, all-around camera, you need look little further than KitCam. If you’re full to overflowing with cameras (like me), you may still want to consider shelling out this rather reasonable sum for what could become your favorite way to shoot.

That’s it for me today. Until later, …

Good Lesson on Tilt-Shift & Instagram from Mashable

Mashable has a a great little how-to that completely explains how to use Instagram’s tilt-shift feature. And, I just learned how to make a link using WordPresses iPhone app :)

Tilt-shift is a photography term that allows you to selectively focus on parts of a photo in either a straight line (linear) or a spot/circle (radial). It’s a great way to put the focus on just the part of the photo you want people to pay attention to.

For more on using Instagram, read my Instagram 101 Guide.

Opinion: Big Fish Not Being Best It Can Be

Big Fish Games

Big Fish Games by release date from most current.

I hate to be mean, especially to one of my favorite developers. But, Big Fish Games has been falling down on the job in my opinion. They’re motto is “A New Game Every Day” or something like that, but it’s feeling like a new game every week for iOS.

I do nightly searches after midnight to see if anything new has moved. A bit obsessive? Maybe. But, I get bored easily.

Big Fish has released more than 1 game a week for iOS, but barely. And, of those that they do, only an average of 1 is the hidden object games they have so come to be known for. Many of the games they “release” are just paid versions of games that already exist.

Now, they have released some doozies. Return to Ravenearst and Otherworld were absolutely out of this world in quality, but I want more. I want a new game every day. I want games.

I know that part of that slogan involves their thriving online business, but I feel neglected as an iOS user. We have no way to take part in the awesomeness of streaming games or any other kind of online gaming. We are relegated to the scraps that they give us on a weekly basis.

I actually own every single hidden object Big Fish game and many non-hidden object games of theirs. I haven’t played them all. But, I’ve played all of the good one’s it seems.

So, this is just a short post. A plea. Please Big Fish, don’t forget us iOS users. I want the original Ravenhearsts, I want sequels, I want more games. And, I want streaming.

You are neglecting a market here that is ripe for the picking when it comes to playing your online games. But, we’ve grown used to touch screens and awesome graphics. Fuzzy screens on bad laptops are not a place I want to go.

Give me more. I may just have to take up drinking :)

If you are looking for some good existing games to play, follow these links to my reviews:

Top 5 Best Big Fish Games
Best Big Fish Games: Summer Roundup & Review
2 New Big Fish Games to Play
More Big Fish Games You Should Play: Part 1
More Big Fish Games You Should Play: Part 2

On another note, I know I haven’t been around much lately. I’ve been focused on school and other things. Mostly, I have been in excruciating pain. But, I’m back. As of now. No matter what. I will try to get a post out a day again. And, I’ll try not to let you down with it (unless I have to take up the drink, as previously mentioned).

That’s it for me today. Until later, …

Black Friday Weekend App Sales Galore

App cupcakes

Apps get a yummy once-over.

My iPad is struggling along getting powered by an iPhone AC charger right now cause Black Friday crowds scare me. Well, crowds in general scare me, but Black Friday crowds are downright nuts.

However, I can now poke my head out of that hole it's been in all month and say hi to all of you lovely people I have so missed.

But, what we're really here to talk about today is sales. And, there are some great sales to be had this weekend. Combine Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday, and you get an extra long weekend of app sales like no other, in the U.S. App Store, at least. (UPDATE: App developers seem to be pulling their sales for the weekend, probably with more sales to return for Cyber Monday. Kind of stupid, if you ask me, but they didn't.)

I will warn you that I have seen far fewer completely FREE apps out there than on past holidays, but for just a little bit of money, you can get some deals you wouldn't believe.

I don't know how to decide what to feature. I couldn't probably even fit in all the apps I've bought or downloaded in the past few days. I average about 25 new apps a day, though, on a normal day :)

AppShopper is scrolling deals and price drops like a Wall Street scroll across the top of my iPad. So, let's get started:

  • Perfectly Clear: I'm starting with this one because I just paid the full $3 for the non-universal version of this app a few days ago. Today, you can get it completely FREE, and they've made the app universal now. Perfectly Clear does amazing things for blurry or dark photos. Crisps things up quite a bit on its own and allows you to make additional adjustments, as you like. Great app!
Avernum: Escape From the Pit

An RPG that's half off this weekend.

  • Avernum: Escape From the Pit HD: This one I bought for my boyfriend today. It is tauted to be the absolute BEST RPG for the iPad. It is an indie game made by a small team that is sure to please RPG fans. Critic reviews are really strong for this one. I can't personally vouch for it, but it looks like such a winner, I paid $5 for it today. It will usually run you around $10.
  • It looks like most the games by Alawar Entertainment are completely FREE this weekend. Games like Amelie's Cafe HD and Gourmania HD are completely FREE. All of these games are basically time-management/simulation games that can be a lot of fun. I'm a big fan of Alawar's hidden object games, but they do good work in general.
  • Of course, all EA Games are on sale, most for 99 cents. There you get board game favorites like Scrabble for the iPad and action/adventure games like Mirror's Edge for the iPad. When an entire developer is having a sale, like Alawar or EA, you can just search the App Store or AppShopper by developer name just like you would search by app name. Then, a list of all of their apps comes up and you can pick and choose what you like.
  • The series of games called 1112 is on sale today. Episode 01 HD (iPhone version) is completely FREE, Episode 02 HD (iPhone version) is 99 cents, and for the first time on sale, Episode 03 HD (iPhone version) is $1.99. A lot of critics say the 3rd is by far the best, but that you have to play all 3 to really get the full effect.

Let's move on from games, because almost every other blog covers those.

  • A wonderful Chicago: Travel Guide is completely FREE today, as well as its Baltimore: Travel Guide counterpart. What sets these universal travel guides apart is their use of augmented reality to help you get around and see the sites a little better. Usually $5, it's a good deal.
Japanese Garden 3D full HD

Japanese Garden 3D really captures the peacefulness of a real Japanese garden.

  • Japanese Garden 3D full HD is also completely FREE today (usually $1.99) and I can vouch for the relaxation you experience when you take a virtual walk through this universal app.
  • Calligraphy Art (an app I reviewed here) is on sale for 99 cents today. Usually it runs you around $3. Calligraphy Art for the iPad will help you turn your ordinary writing into beautiful artpieces. It contains many English fonts and many Japanese fonts, as well.
  • Hipstamatic for the iPhone is of course on sale this weekend. Usually $1.99, Hipstamatic, my very favorite iPhone camera, is on sale for 99 cents. I reviewed Hipstamatic in full here, if you're interested. I even shot an entire family wedding using only Hipstamatic. Remember that the 99 cents just gets you the basic camera. If you want all of the lenses and films, you will be paying significantly more (but, it's so worth it!!!!).
  • Another photography big name, Filterstorm, is half off this weekend. This univesal app, 99 cents for now, is used by a lot of photography professionals as an excellent mobile photography editor. Everything you need to make a photo worth being seen is contained in Filterstorm.

Scrapnote is a beautiful way to collect what you love.

  • Scrapnote (which I reviewed here) is an app my readers were greatly interested in when it was released last month. Usually around $5, Scrapnote is on sale for Black Friday only for $2.99. A beautiful way to collect everything you love into one place, Scrapnote lets you use everything from your own handwriting to YouTube videos in your iPad scrapbooks. A handy Scrap Collector shortcut lets you take absolutely anything off the Internet (Pinterest-style) and put it in your scrapbook. Okay, there's too much to say here. Read the review.

Well, the sales keep coming and I may keep updating, but I have to stop writing at some point. The point is, if you love apps (and, you know I do), there are a plethora of them on sale today and this whole weekend. Keep your eyes sharp and AppShopper close by.

You know I've missed you guys when I can't stop writing. I'm going to get a tissue now (both because I'm sick and I've missed you). Go buy something!

That's it for me today. Until later, …

I'm back! It looks like Jixi Pix is putting ALL of their apps on sale today!!! This is an event that you just can't pass up. Jixi has so many apps and I have reviewed almost every single 1 of them, so I'm not going to do any links here. But, you can search the App Store and you can search my blog for Jixi Pix reviews of apps you're interested in at the top of the page.

Happy Hunting!


Planning a Sales Post Later Today

Well, I was going to poke my head out of that hole I’ve been keeping it in all month to do a sales blog today, but my baby iPad is acting up. So, I’m posting from my iPhone for now. She’s starting to act a little better though, so expect a report on all the fabulous app sales going on for Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday in a few hours, I hope. There’s some really good deals to be had this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled to AppShopper (sorry, don’t know how to do links on my iPhone). And, I’ll see you soon my favorite and very loyal readers!

Get Unstuck With Help From iPad App

When I first started blogging, I did a lot of weird roundups that featured just a ton of apps in one big post. Well, as you may know, I'm kind of not feeling so well right now. So, as a way of still posting some blogs but not doing a ton of work, I'm pulling out some of the star apps that may have gotten lost in those roundups.


Get Unstuck with Unstuck, an amazing iPad app.

This review is about an amazing app that I could use myself right now. Here's what I wrote back in May:

Unstuck tools

Unstuck now lets you have access to just the tools, in case you don't have time to go through the whole process.

As a counseling major, I have a lot of counseling apps and most are CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) related. This is because it’s the easiest theory to encapsulate and the best to bring about quick change.

Unstuck tool

This is 1 of the first things you do to help you get Unstuck.

Hands down, the best counseling or problem-solving app I have is Unstuck. This free iPad app is practical, immediate, and simple to use. Winner of several Webby awards, Unstuck walks you through the steps from identifying the problem to implementing the solution.

Unstuck can help with just about any problem or situation. From considering job changes to facing a divorce, Unstuck has a process that helps you face your problems one at a time.

Unstuck tool

This exercise helps you sort out how you're feeling right now.

It is an in-the-moment approach that helps you figure out why you are stuck in the first place, teaches you how to get unstuck depending on what kind of stuck you are currently, and helps you take action with proven tips and tools.

You do have to create an account, but your data is never shared. The account merely provides you a method for logging out of your account and the app on a shared iPad so that no one sees what you don’t want them to.

About Unstuck

Here's a little bit about Unstuck's philosophy and what it's about.

Unstuck has made some changes since I wrote that review. You can now access the tools section in case you just want to make a list of pros and cons or get some immediate advice on how to face a specific problem. This is a free app, so you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain in trying it out.

Getting Unstuck is not easily done, but using Unstuck is a great first step to make in getting out of wherever you currently are that you don't want to be.

That's it for me today. Until later, …


Collecting Unique Works for Art, Design & Wallpaper

From GelaSkins

This is called Mod Flower by GelaSkins.

I’m a collector. I’ve collected fabric since I was a child. Scraps of unusual designs and materials that just appealed to me. But, I’ve really gone digital now. So, I’ve started to collect the same things I’ve collected since childhood, just in digital format.

Wallpaper apps

Here are some of my standby wallpaper apps and some new additions.

I lost almost 4,000 photos in an iCloud backup catastrophe. So, I’ve been going back and finding my scraps and photos where I can. Dropbox, Picasa, Facebook, etc. I’ve been collecting photos and wallpaper again from some of my standbys, like Pimp Your Screen and other wallpaper apps. I actually have 2 folders that I sort my wallpaper photos into: wallpapers (for using as wallpaper) and textures (for using in art).


Browse GelaSkins any way you please.

There is 1 wallpaper app (although to call it just a wallpaper app is an insult) that I forgot to go back to until today. Wallpapers by GelaSkins is a universal app that is completely FREE and has absolutely no advertising. It’s an anomaly in the app world. GelaSkins provides you with a plethora of amazing artwork that you can use for wallpaper, lockscreens, blending and layovers for making your own art, and about a million other ideas limited only by your creativity. There are so many things about GelaSkins that make it totally unique that I hope I don’t forget to mention them all. I’m sure I haven’t even discovered everything that the app can actually do. Let’s start at the beginning though. You can browse GelaSkins by Artist or by Image. I prefer Image, but the choice is yours. Once you choose 1, all of the options begin to appear in list form in the pop-up screen. I just start by clicking on the first 1 and scrolling through all of the options in full-screen format. But, if you’re looking for something particular, you can certainly scroll down to find what you’re looking for, click on it, and start there.


Making adjustments to works of art is easy in GelaSkins.

When you’re looking at a piece full-screen, there are a couple of options you have to make alterations and to see what it will look like as wallpaper. You can adjust the brightness using a slider at the bottom of the screen. GelaSkins suggests that some of their works may look better as wallpaper if you dim them a little. I save everything at full brightness and edit later, if need be. You can also tap on the dimmer scroll button to see how the piece will look as a home screen. Just tap on the little circle that dims things and sample icons pop up to show you how it will look. They just disappear after a few seconds, so you don’t have to do anything else.


This is what you see when scrolling through GelaSkins at full screen.

But, the coolest feature is the edit feature. See the down-arrow in a box button between the scrolling arrows at the very bottom? Well, if you click on it, you get a few options. You can choose to save what you see on the screen right now as wallpaper, or you can choose to edit what you see. Being the collector that I am, I often choose to do both. But, you will just be shocked at the result of some of the edits!


Suddenly gets expanded with the edit feature.

Here’s what happens when you edit the “Suddenly” piece from above. It suddenly transforms from a single tree and cityscape to a landscape with depth. From this screen, you can also adjust the brightness again, and then you can save this new image. Once you save the image, you are taken back to the original image and you can continue to scroll, save, edit, and save again, to your heart’s content. I just downloaded GelaSkins on my iPhone for the first time and noticed that in addition to the option to edit the piece, you can also choose to find out artist bio info for each piece. Very cool!


When Fear Gave Way To Frolic before

Here’s another before and after called “When Fear Gave Way To Frolic.” The before picture is right above. And, the after (edited) picture is right below.


When Fear Gave Way To Frolic after edit

I should mention a few other things.

  1. GelaSkins and/or their artists are absolutely brilliant at naming their works of art. The names are clever, unusual, punny, funny, and make lots of plays on words, phrases, and rhymes, just to name a few of the ways their naming conventions are phenomenal.
  2. Sometimes you can’t edit a piece. I noticed that on a few of the pieces that I tried to edit on my iPad, I couldn’t. I would get a notice that the full work could not be downloaded at that time and that I should try again later. I am not sure what that is about. It may just be my iPad. It may just be the server right now. It may just be the alignment of the planets. Who knows? You may have no problem. And, it was limited to a very small selection of pieces that wouldn’t edit.
  3. This is not a static app. Last time I used it, there were different pieces of art. Some are the same, but there are definitely new pieces this time, which is great!
  4. If you really like an image, you can get a skin made for your device at Check it out!

Well, here’s where I usually say “that’s it for me today,” but I am an indecisive sort and could not choose which images to show you from the GelaSkins app. So, what follows is a gallery of the rest of the images I couldn’t fit into the post above (and, this is just a fraction of what I actually saved from the app). Some are before and after’s and some are stand-alone images. Hope you enjoy!

Photo Gallery of GelaSkins Art


Before: Why Do I Do What I Do


After: Why Do I Do What I Do


Before: Underworld


After: Underworld


Before: There Is Hope Still


After: There Is Hope Still


The Slowest Journey


The Owls Are Not What They Seem


Before: The New Dawn


After: The New Dawn


Edited version of The Monster Between Us


Before: The Magician’s Assistant


After: The Magician’s Assistant


Unedited The Last Rose


Before: Selective Hindsight


After: Selective Hindsight


Unedited: Ruby


Before: Reckoning Day


After: Reckoning Day


Before: Presence


After: Presence


Before: Poison Voice


After: Poison Voice


Before: Odaijini


After: Odaijini


Before: Numb


After: Numb


Unedited: Night Owl (like me)


Unedited: New York City


Before: Net of Being


After: Net of Being This one simply amazes me!


Before: Music Castle


After: Music Castle


Before: Love Will Tear Us Apart


After: Love Will Tear Us Apart


Edited: Infinite Tapestry


Before: Infinite Oz


After: Infinite Oz


Before: Going Home for my sister-in-law Maegan


After: Going Home


Before: Goats Head Soup


After: Goats Head Soup


Before: Forever Lost


After: Forever Lost

Last one. Can you believe I used to be an editor who had to make choices and limit things? LOL


Before: Dosage


After: Dosage

That’s it for me today. Really. Until later, … Related Links:

Just a Short Note on Why There Have Been No New Posts

Hello my lovely readers! I've missed you!

I haven't shared much in the way of personal information on iOS Affairs because this blog is about technology, apps, reviews, and All Things Apple, not really about me. But, it has been more than a week since I wrote a post, and I feel like I owe you some explanation.

I have several medical conditions that limit me. I am disabled (I hate that word). Recently, some of the conditions that affect me have worsened. I am sleeping almost constantly. When I am awake, I am trying to keep caught up with my schoolwork.

I have decided that this is going to be my last quarter in grad school. My disability worsening has made me realize that there is really no point in finishing my degree, as I would be unable to use it anyway.

My doctors have been great about treating me and hopefully I will be able to be awake enough to do what I need and want to do very soon. I also only have 4 weeks left of school.

What this means to you is that I will try to write a post when I can during the next 4 weeks and while I am recuperating from this most recent illness. And, when I am done with school, I will do the very best that I can to return to writing a post every single day.

This blog and all of you mean the world to me. I really enjoy reviewing apps, explaining how Apple devices and technology works, and talking with all of you. So, the sooner I can get back to normal with the blog, the better I will feel.

Until then, please accept my apology for my absence and feel free to explore and read some posts you may have missed. The whole site is searchable from the top, right corner, so you can find just about anything searching that way.

Thanks again to all my loyal readers! I will be back to iOS Affairs as soon as possible and will try to do what I can in the meantime. Thank you for understanding (I hope).

That's it for me today. Until later, …

~ Tracy

Notes Plus Only Note-Taking App You’ll Ever Need On Sale

Notes Plus

Responsive developers and frequent updates are just 1 reason to buy Notes Plus.

Notes Plus for the iPad is on sale currently for $3.99. It usually runs $7.99 and is still worth every penny of that price. The developers said that the sale will continue for a week.

I have 3 folders of note-taking apps on my iPad, and that’s not all the ones I own. I own even more than that. But, I’ve gotten rid of the really bad ones.

My point is that I’ve tried almost every note-taking app you can name, and Notes Plus is still my go-to note-taking app. I haven’t started reviewing note-taking apps because I don’t really know where to begin. It is such a large undertaking given all the apps I have. But, the Notes Plus sale spurred me into action.

So, why is Notes Plus so great?

Notes Plus

Notes Plus does everything. I mean everything. You can handwrite, type, record sound, convert your handwriting into typed notes (in-app purchase required), create shapes, have as many notebooks as you want with as many pages as you want. The list goes on and on.

Notes Plus

Creating notebooks is a breeze. Choose the paper you want, the cover you want, name it, rename it, whatever, and you’re set.

Once you have a notebook, you’re ready to start using the fabulous Notes Plus.

Notes Plus

Want to take a lot of notes on 1 page? Need to write small? Notes Plus has you covered. Use their close-up writing box (pictured) to make your writing small while writing big, which is easier to do.

You can also just write what you want, circle it, and make the writing smaller by dragging it by the corner.

Notes Plus

Circling text you’ve written lets you do a lot of things. It actually brings up a menu that lets you convert handwriting to text (with an in-app purchase), rearrange your notes, copy them and paste them somewhere else, resize them, and so much more.

Circling text is also a good way to get rid of something you don’t want. Just circle what you want to get rid of and click erase.

There are also lots of colors and fonts to choose from when altering your text.

Notes Plus

And, if you just want to take notes with traditional type, Notes Plus has you covered as well. Just choose the text icon and start typing. There are many fonts to choose from when using traditional type.

So, we’ve talked about all the traditional ways to take notes. Handwriting, typing, how to alter those things. But, what about the extras. Notes Plus has plenty of those, too. You can import PDFs, photos, record sound, and too many other features to mention.

Notes Plus

Import pictures to your notebook and place them anywhere. You can even take a picture with the built-in camera. Annotate the pictures with handwriting, draw on them, whatever you want.

Notes Plus

Now, what about recording sound? It’s easy. Just hit the microphone button and Notes Plus starts recording. It links the recording to the notes you take on the page. It doesn’t do the word by word highlighting that some apps do, but you can find the part of the recording you need by going to the page of notes you took during that part of the recording. It’s really pretty cool and works flawlessly. I’ve used it to record hour-long workshops and I’ve never had a problem.

Notes Plus

Worried about losing all this precious information now that you’ve got it entered? Notes Plus worries about that, too. That’s why there are multiple ways to back up and restore your information.

You can export your notebooks to iTunes through iTunes sharing, export to Photos, email your notebooks, link to Dropbox, link to Google Docs, and save your pages as PDFs.

The Dropbox linking is pretty cool. You can set it up so that your notebooks are mirrored in Dropbox and are constantly backed up.

I know that I’m forgetting some of the features Notes Plus has to offer, because there are just too many to mention. So, I’m adding a photo gallery with some additional features at the end of this post. Plus, you can go to Notes Plus’ website to view demo videos and learn more about the app.

I dare you to find another app that can do all of this for $3.99. I dare you. It’s just not possible. There is nothing out there like Notes Plus. Trust me. I’ve tried them all. Notes Plus is worth the full price of $7.99, so the sale price is a bargain like none I’ve ever seen before.

What are you waiting for? Go buy this app! I mean it!

That’s it for me today. Until later, …

Photo Gallery

Notes Plus

The quick palette lets you pick 10 colors to access quickly and easily.

Notes Plus

Drawing a shape can be more than that. Notes Plus can convert your uneven drawings into perfect shapes.

Notes Plus

The pen is adaptive and lets you set your own style for handwriting.

Notes Plus

The handwriting-to-text recognition will absolutely amaze you!

Notes Plus

This is what the library looks like. View your notebooks or view each page. Edit the titles and so much more.

Notes Plus

Import PDFs to your notebooks and annotate them.

That’s it for photos, but there are even more features than seen here. The Quick Start guide in Notes Plus gives you hints and secrets for using the app. I don’t often read those things, but this is one time you should really read the instructions.

iOS 6.0.1 Update Available for Most iOS Devices

iOS 6.0.1

Updating on my iPad

Woke this morning to a notice that iOS 6.0.1 is available for download. The whole process took about 5 minutes from agreeing to the terms and reading about them to restart of my devices.

iOS 6.0.1

What it means

The updates look to me like they mostly affect the iPhone 5. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I see nothing on here that affects anything else. Nonetheless, I encourage you to update to the newest software.

Newer iOS’s tend to increase battery life (although many would disagree) and fix a lot of little bugs that may not be mentioned here. The Learn More section is usually just the highlights.

The only bug that I personally experienced here was the horizontal lines on my iPhone 5 keyboard. It only happened a few times and was not overly bothersome. I thought it was just a little glitch on my iPhone, but apparently the problem affected more than just me.

This update looks like a minor patch and not a major update, but keeping up-to-date on these things is a very good idea.

So, if you want to update, update. If you have an iPhone 5, UPDATE!

That’s it for me today. Until later, …