Notes Plus Only Note-Taking App You’ll Ever Need On Sale

Notes Plus

Responsive developers and frequent updates are just 1 reason to buy Notes Plus.

Notes Plus for the iPad is on sale currently for $3.99. It usually runs $7.99 and is still worth every penny of that price. The developers said that the sale will continue for a week.

I have 3 folders of note-taking apps on my iPad, and that’s not all the ones I own. I own even more than that. But, I’ve gotten rid of the really bad ones.

My point is that I’ve tried almost every note-taking app you can name, and Notes Plus is still my go-to note-taking app. I haven’t started reviewing note-taking apps because I don’t really know where to begin. It is such a large undertaking given all the apps I have. But, the Notes Plus sale spurred me into action.

So, why is Notes Plus so great?

Notes Plus

Notes Plus does everything. I mean everything. You can handwrite, type, record sound, convert your handwriting into typed notes (in-app purchase required), create shapes, have as many notebooks as you want with as many pages as you want. The list goes on and on.

Notes Plus

Creating notebooks is a breeze. Choose the paper you want, the cover you want, name it, rename it, whatever, and you’re set.

Once you have a notebook, you’re ready to start using the fabulous Notes Plus.

Notes Plus

Want to take a lot of notes on 1 page? Need to write small? Notes Plus has you covered. Use their close-up writing box (pictured) to make your writing small while writing big, which is easier to do.

You can also just write what you want, circle it, and make the writing smaller by dragging it by the corner.

Notes Plus

Circling text you’ve written lets you do a lot of things. It actually brings up a menu that lets you convert handwriting to text (with an in-app purchase), rearrange your notes, copy them and paste them somewhere else, resize them, and so much more.

Circling text is also a good way to get rid of something you don’t want. Just circle what you want to get rid of and click erase.

There are also lots of colors and fonts to choose from when altering your text.

Notes Plus

And, if you just want to take notes with traditional type, Notes Plus has you covered as well. Just choose the text icon and start typing. There are many fonts to choose from when using traditional type.

So, we’ve talked about all the traditional ways to take notes. Handwriting, typing, how to alter those things. But, what about the extras. Notes Plus has plenty of those, too. You can import PDFs, photos, record sound, and too many other features to mention.

Notes Plus

Import pictures to your notebook and place them anywhere. You can even take a picture with the built-in camera. Annotate the pictures with handwriting, draw on them, whatever you want.

Notes Plus

Now, what about recording sound? It’s easy. Just hit the microphone button and Notes Plus starts recording. It links the recording to the notes you take on the page. It doesn’t do the word by word highlighting that some apps do, but you can find the part of the recording you need by going to the page of notes you took during that part of the recording. It’s really pretty cool and works flawlessly. I’ve used it to record hour-long workshops and I’ve never had a problem.

Notes Plus

Worried about losing all this precious information now that you’ve got it entered? Notes Plus worries about that, too. That’s why there are multiple ways to back up and restore your information.

You can export your notebooks to iTunes through iTunes sharing, export to Photos, email your notebooks, link to Dropbox, link to Google Docs, and save your pages as PDFs.

The Dropbox linking is pretty cool. You can set it up so that your notebooks are mirrored in Dropbox and are constantly backed up.

I know that I’m forgetting some of the features Notes Plus has to offer, because there are just too many to mention. So, I’m adding a photo gallery with some additional features at the end of this post. Plus, you can go to Notes Plus’ website to view demo videos and learn more about the app.

I dare you to find another app that can do all of this for $3.99. I dare you. It’s just not possible. There is nothing out there like Notes Plus. Trust me. I’ve tried them all. Notes Plus is worth the full price of $7.99, so the sale price is a bargain like none I’ve ever seen before.

What are you waiting for? Go buy this app! I mean it!

That’s it for me today. Until later, …

Photo Gallery

Notes Plus

The quick palette lets you pick 10 colors to access quickly and easily.

Notes Plus

Drawing a shape can be more than that. Notes Plus can convert your uneven drawings into perfect shapes.

Notes Plus

The pen is adaptive and lets you set your own style for handwriting.

Notes Plus

The handwriting-to-text recognition will absolutely amaze you!

Notes Plus

This is what the library looks like. View your notebooks or view each page. Edit the titles and so much more.

Notes Plus

Import PDFs to your notebooks and annotate them.

That’s it for photos, but there are even more features than seen here. The Quick Start guide in Notes Plus gives you hints and secrets for using the app. I don’t often read those things, but this is one time you should really read the instructions.

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  1. Thanks Tracy for this review. I’ve just acquired an iPad and was lost in the myriad of choices. I’d tried a couple but they weren’t quite what I wanted. I downloaded Notes Plus after reading this post and I’m delighted. It’s not on sale anymore but it’s a fantastic app. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

    • I’m so glad you found what you needed. I didn’t get Notes Plus on sale either when I bought it, but it is totally worth the full price, in my opinion. Thanks for letting me know you liked it!

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  3. Notes Plus is, hands-down, my favorite note-taking app to date (and I, like you, have tried many). Great review!

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