PocketPharmacist Meets Most Medicinal Needs


The main screen of PocketPharmacist.

Until today, I used an app that I believe was called iPharmacy to meet my medical needs in that area. However, I have so fallen in love with the universal app PocketPharmacist (PocketRx) that I deleted the old app and cannot find it in the App Store. It was a fine app. Made for professionals. PocketPharmacist is 10 times better.

Med Box feature

The main appeal of PocketPharmacist is two-fold. It both tells you everything you ever need to know about prescription and over-the-counter medications (and even has herbal references) AND doubles as a way to keep a list of the medications you currently take/have taken, your allergies, doctors, pharmacies, diagnoses, etc., using its Med Box feature.

Anyone on medicine (and that pretty much includes everyone) or who loves someone who is can understand the appeal of having this information at the tip of your fingers at doctor’s visits, when filling out forms, or when dealing with insurance companies.

Let’s focus on these first 2 features.

1. You are able to look up medications in 3 different ways: by name of the medicine, by the type of medication or class of medication, and by disorder or disease that it treats. That last 1 is unusual in these type of apps but is oh so helpful if you’re trying to figure out what medications are available for acid reflux or high blood pressure that are covered by your insurance. If you’re not sure of your spelling of a medication, PocketPharmacist has you covered with a feature that checks your spelling.

2. The Med Box feature stores a list of all of your medications, times you take them, dosages, etc. It also keeps track of any allergies to medications you may have, and a list of your pharmacies and prescribers, including their phone and fax numbers. You can even track when you take your medications through PocketPharmacist.


To top that off, PocketPharmacist can run a check to see if there are any negative reactions between medications. It tells you the really dangerous interactions, common precautions, and side effect enhancements that can result from a combination of medications.

And, it does all of these things in such a neat and professional way. The medication information ranges from a write-up specific to the app to the packaging information that is included by the pharmaceutical company and information given to patients. Everything you’d ever need to know about a medication you can access from your list of medications or from a medication that you look up.

If you have an iPhone and an iPad, you need only enter your information once. Then, you just export the information in an email, open it up on your other device, and it installs itself neatly on that device, as well. It worked smooth as could be for me.

Need more?


Additional resources range from symptom checkers to pill identifiers.

PocketPharmacist accesses via the web a slew of other information resources, as you can see in the photo above. You can find a doctor near you, identify random pills, and check out symptoms when you’re sick, all through Healthline. Medline Plus gives you access to additional health topics, herbs and supplements, and a medical dictionary. Drugs.com gives you an alternate pill identifier and updates via the FDA. There is even access to Wikipedia information and a host of other sites.


And, you can trust that the information is up-to-date. Currently, medications are updated through October 2012 via the FDA. This is an app that is updated quite regularly since it came out in 2010.

The developer is a pharmacist of more than 10 years who has a passion for technology, and it shows. Under the About section of the app, you will find tips on using the app, search tips, and introductions to all parts of the app.

The app goes so far to protect your privacy that it shuts down Med Box every time you multitask the app so that no accidental screenshots are taken of your private information, which can also be password protected.

I feel very confident in recommending this app to all of you. It is the only pharmacy app I will be using from here on out.

That’s it for me today. Until later, …

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    • Toni, did you maybe accidentally set a password for the app. You can do that to protect your information. That’s the only thing I can think of that would ask for a code in that app. I think the app may actually ask you at one point of you want to set a password. If that is not the problem or if you don’t remember setting one, let me know and I can contact the developer to see what the problem may be.

    • Oh, thank you so much! That means a lot, especially coming from the person who created the app :) I’m glad you approved! I’ve really enjoyed using your app.

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