I’m a Little Late to the Fuzel Pro Photo Collage Party

Fuzel Pro

My first Fuzel Pro collage of sidekick Jasper.

Fuzel Pro – Collage Made Awesome has been making quite a name for itself since its release early this year. I own pretty much every collage-making app known to man or App Store, so I resisted buying Fuzel until yesterday.

Fuzel Pro

Despite ringing endoresements from all corners, I fought against Fuzel’s charming layouts safe in the assumption that I wasn’t missing anything I didn’t already have. But, I was wrong.

Fuzel Pro (and, the FREE version, Fuzel – Collage Made Awesome) is as good as it gets when it comes to collage via iDevice. My only complaint is that it is currently only available for the iPhone. I NEED an iPad version ASAP.

Fuzel Pro and even its FREE counterpart offer far more than the average collage app in the way of control over your layouts, as you can see from the collages I have done so far.

Fuzel Pro

They are alterations on preset layouts that Fuzel Pro offers. The FREE version of Fuzel offers quite a few layouts, too. It actually offers everything the Pro version does, just in smaller amounts. And, there are no ads.

The orignial layout for the photo next to this is a circle with rays. I used the cut and resize menu to drag the points of that layout around into the one you see. From cut and resize menu, you can also change the default square layout to many other ratios, including one that is made for Facebook Cover Photo size.

Fuzel Pro

Additionally, you can add panes to any layout just by cutting across an existing pane with your finger. This divides the pane in 2 and you can do it as many times as you want in any way that you want to create an endless array of original layouts. The blue dotted line in the photo at left is the cut that I am making there.

There are multiple undo’s and redo’s to correct anything you don’t like.

Fuzel Pro

When you have the layout set the way you want (you can always go back and make changes later), it is time to add photos. Just touch any pane of the collage to add a photo either with the camera or from your Camera Roll.

The really cool thing about adding photos from the Camera Roll in Fuzel is that you don’t have to do it 1 at a time. As you can see at the bottom of this current photo, there is a little picture of the collage you are working on and the photo that you are choosing is highlighted in it.

Just select the photo you want for that pane and it immediately moves onto the next 1, until the collage is filled up. Make a mistake? Press and hold a photo to bring up a little red x to delete that photo and bring in a different 1. You could bring them in 1 at a time, but why?

Fuzel Pro

When you have all of your photos selected and brought into the collage, you can click on any photo that needs a little editing, adjusting, or filtering. Move photos around with the touch of 1 finger or resize them using a pinch gesture.

Fuzel Pro offers quite a few very nice filters to change the look of any photo. Click on the circle sticker button on the far left of the filters for a nice little surprise.

You can also flip photos horizontally or vertically or swap them between panes using the buttons on the bottom. Click Done when you are, well, done.

Fuzel Pro

Another adjustment that you can do to change the look of your collage is adjust the borders of the collage. The borders button is on the main screen and takes you to the one in the photo at right.

From there, you can adjust the roundness of the corners and the thickness of the entired frame just by sliding your finger in the shown directions, anywhere on the screen. You can do these adjustments for the outer corners and size of the frame and the inner corners and size of the frame. Switch between the 2 using the buttons on the bottom of the screen.

You can even make the frame thin enough in the middle that it seems to disappear and the photos completely blend into 1 another.

Right next to borders on the main screen is the button for base, which just lets you select a solid color for the frame, if you don’t want it to be white.

Fuzel Pro

The last adjustment that can be made in Fuzel is to add a frame around the collage. The frames range from a simple border to elaborate decorations that can change the entire look of the collage.

There are really some very hip frames in Fuzel’s collection. I like the simple clothespin look on the very top collage in this post, but the stamp in the photo next to this is nice, too. Or, you can go for simple and elegant with a thin or thick colored frame that insets the whole collage. There are quite a lot to choose from.

Each frame allows you to add some text. Just tap the “tap to edit” part to type in your message or delete it.

Fuzel Pro

When you are completely finished with your collage (you can go back and forth among all the tabs at will), click Done in the top, right corner, and your work is saved to the Camera Roll and to a gallery that you can browse from the final screen. From that screen (at right), you can also share your collage or delete it.

I absolutely love the simplicity Fuzel. From the elegant white background and space that it gives you to work to the pared down color options it gives for borders, Fuzel is at once decadent and minimalistic.

So, I was late to the game, but once again, I’m so glad I finally made it there.

That’s it for me today. Until later, …