Hidden Object Game Based on Great Gatsby Just Excellent

Great Gatsby game

The Great Gatsby game is one of the finest hidden object games I’ve ever played.

I just finished playing one of the best hidden object games I’ve ever played. I’ve run out of Big Fish and G5 games to play. They just can’t make them fast enough to keep me entertained. So, I often do searches for indie hidden object/adventure games.

Great Gatsby game

On my search of the App Store yesterday, I turned up Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby and decided to give it a try. As usual, I’m glad I gave this new iPad game a chance.

Gatsby is FREE to try and has a rather long trial period. There are some annoying ads between rounds, but other than that, it’s the perfect length to get to know the game to decide whether you want to buy it or not. The game is $6.99, available as an in-app purchase.

Great Gatsby game

The whole Gatsby game is rather long, actually, which I like a lot. Plus, it’s a great mix of hidden object scenes (some of them ingenious and very original), puzzles, putting scenes back together or fixing something with the objects, and decorating the library where all the trophies you earn in the game are displayed.

This mix is so well done that I am rather awestruck by it. Gatsby is made by Hullabu, Inc. I’ve never heard of them before, but I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for games by them in the future.

Great Gatsby game

I had no idea how a masterpiece like The Great Gatsby would translate into a hidden object game or how they could make it all flow nicely without destroying the literary genius of F. Scott Fitzgerald, but somehow, that’s exactly what Hullabu did.

The story is told as you play the game. I think that’s how they were able to fit so much story in without you feeling like you’re just sitting there listening to a book being read. Characters come in and out of scenes as you are finding objects.

Great Gatsby game

The transition/cut scenes between chapters are also hidden object scenes, which I have never seen before. It’s an ingenious idea. As the cut scene is running, you listen to the story and look for the object they have set you up to look for: days of the week, coins, etc. If you don’t find them all on your first try through the cut scene, you can do it over and try to find them again.

There are 2 hidden object scenes in the game that take place in a moving car. This is another set-up that I’ve never seen before. The car is on a rather long loop and some of the objects that you have to find are in the car and some are outside the car and you must pick them up as you move by them.

Great Gatsby game

I really loved this game!

Every object you find earns you points, and unlike other games in which the points are useless, the points in Gatsby are used to decorate the library. Finding objects one right after the other earns you even more points.

The library is pretty much empty when you start the game, but it fills up pretty quickly. In each hidden object scene you look for 1 book that goes to the library and you earn interesting-looking trophies that are displayed in the there.

Great Gatsby game

You can see my finished library in the photo at right. The decorations are right out of the 20s era that The Great Gatsby takes place in. They are divided up into categories and each one has a point “price” to buy them. It’s quite a beautiful room once done and it’s a lot of fun decorating it.

Great Gatsby game

Great idea for tying up loose ends when it comes to the point system and making use of awards and trophies earned in the game. They also help ward off random tapping with a bad tap penalty, although I was never penalized :)

Hullabu actually did an awfully good job of tying up all loose ends and attending to every detail in Gatsby. There are even letters to a themed secret word hidden in each hidden object scene that gives you extra hints, if you find them all. If you can’t find all the letters, you can guess at what the word is by clicking the guess button next the hint button in the bottom, right corner.

Great Gatsby game

There are several types of games that you are assigned to complete throughout the game.

My favorite are the ones in which you have to do something extra in the hidden object scenes, like in the photo at right. Instructions are given for what you need to accomplish in the area where hidden object words are usually found. You just have to figure out how to accomplish the task.

Great Gatsby game

Another type of game that Gatsby features is the typing game. Letters fall from the top of the screen as words float across the bottom of the screen. You have to type the words as quick as you can before they reach the bottom of the screen.

Great Gatsby game

The typing game is another vehicle for telling more of the famous Great Gatsby story. After you are done typing the words, the paper pops up from the typewriter (photo at right) and the narrator reads it to you. This furthers the story and wraps things up rather nice and neat.

The narrator is excellent, by the way. As is the 20s-era music that plays throughout the game. You almost feell as if you stepped out of a time machine while playing Gatsby. The Art Deco design that runs throughout all the scenes and games is a nice change from the Steampunk-themed games that are so popular right now.

There are a few other types of games that are scattereed throughout Gatsby, but I have to leave you a few surprises.

Great Gatsby game

When it’s over, it’s not really over.

If you’ve read The Great Gatsby, the story will not be much of a surprise. But, the journey through Hullabu’s Gatsby game is so worth the trip and price of admission. This game is just perfect, especially for people who love literature.

When you finish the game, you’ll find that it’s not really the end. You still have access to your library to spend the rest of your points and decorate. You can replay any scene or puzzle in the game. And, you can replay any cut scene, in case you missed any of the story while you were looking for things. I think that’s a great workaround for the problem of replayability that these type of games have. It just extends the enjoyment of the game out further and gives you more for your money.

Well, that’s NOT it for me today. I’ll be back with a review of a brand new photo app that came out today in a few hours. So, stay tuned for more from iOS Affairs later today. Until then, …

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  1. Check back in at the App Store folks – we just put the game on sale for the holiday at $4.99USD!

    Thank you for the wonderful article! And yes, keep an eye out, we have more games on the way!

    Robert Adams
    Hullabu Founder

  2. Oh, that looks great! $6.99 is a little steep for me, though. I’ll hope it goes on sale, but if it doesn’t, I’m sure I’ll get it anyway! I’ll just wait a few weeks and hope.

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