App Store Releases App, Game of the Year Selections

Best of 2012

The Room won Game of the Year.

This is just a short post that I meant to write yesterday. But, fun and frivolity won out (I left the house).

During this week’s App Store refresh on Thursday, they also released their top picks for App and Game of the Year, the runners-up, and a whole host of other apps that made this year great in the App Store Best of 2012 feature.

Paper by FiftyThree is the App Store’s pick for App of the Year for 2012. I reviewed Paper here. Paper is a FREE app with in-app purchases if you want more tools to draw with that is the closest thing to drawing in your Moleskin that you may ever find on an iOS device.

The Room is the App Store’s pick for Game of the Year for 2012. I reviewed The Room here, because it’s my favorite game ever! The Room is a puzzle game with the most intensively awesome graphics you have ever seen. The simple description is that you are opening a box and boxes within that box, but you should read the full review to find out why that’s just scratching the surface of The Room.

Both Paper and The Room are available only for the iPad.

UPDATE: The Room Pocket is now available for FREE to try on the iPhone. It is only available for the iPhone 4S and 5 due to heavy graphic needs.

Best of 2012

The winners and the runners-up

The runners-up for both categories include some pretty awesome apps in their own right, although I have yet to review either of them at iOS Affairs. I own them both.

Action Movie FX really is pretty cool. It lets you add special effects from movies to videos that you have shot. There are a good amount of effects included with the app, but there are some really awesome effects available for in-app purchase, as well.

Waking Mars was tauted by the critics as almost perfect when it first came out. It takes place in the future when life is discovered on Mars. Your mission is to master the alien ecosystem to survive.

Both apps are universal, so you can play them on any iOS device.

Best of 2012

Hidden Gems

After you check out the winners, check out the rest of what is featured in the Best of 2012 roundup. I especially like the Hidden Gems categories for apps and games.

Readability is absolutely my favorite app for reading things later that I see on the Internet. It is universal. I reviewed all the read-it-later apps, including Readability, here. The other app in that category that I absolutely LOVE is Unstuck. Unstuck is an app that works using the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy, but it’s really just a fun, yet seriously helpful way of getting yourself moving again when you find yourself stuck because of something that has happened in your life. It is available for the iPad. I reviewed Unstuck previously here. Ghost Trick is another of the Hidden Gem apps/games you may want to try. I haven’t reviewed it yet because I have yet to finish it, but it has been a blast to play!

You should definitely check out the App Store’s Best of 2012 collection in the Featured section of the App Store. I’ve already found a new game from it. I just bot Eufloria HD. It looks awesome and I can’t wait to try it.

That’s it for me today. Until later, …

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