7 Shopping Days Left … What’s On Your List?

The Christmas List

Map out your holiday productivity with a pie chart!

I have always been one to decorate and shop for the holidays early. Except for this year. This year I have neither decorated or shopped.

With 1 week to go until Christmas and Hanukkah already behind us, I thought I'd actually get started with a shopping list app that is currently on sale for 99 cents.

There is no shortage of list-making apps in the App Store, or even holiday/gift-buying list-making apps. Literally, there are hundreds, if not more. But, The Christmas List is one of the only gift-buying specialty apps I've seen with a perfect 5-star rating (with 316 ratings in!) and at such a reasonable price.

The Christmas List

However, it's more than the perfect price that makes The Christmas List so perfect. I used 2 or 3 different apps last year to do what I'm doing with just this 1 app this year so belatedly.

The Christmas List lets you add as many groups or single people as you would like to your main screen (at left). You can see the people or groups any way you choose, too. You can view just what you've already purchased, what you've budgeted, just 1 group, all groups, pretty much any way you want to view the list is available.

Click edit in the top right of the page to move the groups and people around to your liking. The add a new group or new person buttons are at the very bottom of the main page. The button on the top left of the page shows you each group's totals.

The Christmas List

When you add a group, you just name the group. When you add a person though, you get to add a picture of that person, add them to a group, budget how much money you want for that person, and take notes on them. You can even import all of their information from your Contacts app instead of typing it in again, which is awesome!

Don't have a photo of that person and hate placeholder photos like me? The Christmas List has lots of fun winter-themed photos to use as that person's photo. It's the little touches like this that made me fall in love with this app.

At the bottom of each group on the main screen (above), you find a total of everything either purchased or budgeted for that list (depending on if you've pushed the purchased or budgeted button at the top of the screen), the budget you've set, and how much you have left to spend. This is a great feature for the math-phobic like myself.

You can even find a to do list for each group by clicking on the group's name and using the buttons on the bottom of the screen.

The Christmas List

Additionally, you can input a ton of information about each gift and archive all of that information for later so you remember what you bought each person last year, and the year before, and …

The screen for adding a new gift (at left) is accessed when you click on one of your people and then click on the present button in the bottom left. You can then add the name of the gift, 1 of 5 status options, 1 of 3 priority options, a store (although only certain stores are listed), the price, and notes about the gift. You can even assign the gift to more than 1 person and add a photo of it.

You can share your lists or contacts or anything in the app really with someone via a text message or email, send it to another app, or post it to Facebook, if you're not good at keeping secrets. You can also Tweet and Facebook from the progress page and the stores page, as well.

The Christmas List

Speaking of the pie chart/progress page, it rocks! For a quick look at exactly where you are and how much time you have left to shop, check out the pie chart page (very top photo on post). It tells you what you have left to do, what you've purchased, wrapped, shipped, and what's been received. It's a perfect visual representation of how late I am this year. But, it's pretty :)

In the settings, you can turn on a passcode lock for top-level security, change the background of the app, manage your gift history, change the style of the budget, and get online help or read frequently asked questions.

There are so many nested pages within pages in The Christmas List that are still so accessible that you could store reams of information in this little iPhone gem.

Well, I better actually quit procrastinating and get to shopping!

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That's it for me today. Until later, …