Social Media’s Story in Infographics for 2012

As I said in my first post today, I spent a lot of time in my Tumblr app today looking at infographics. The app is called TumbleOn HD – Tumblr App for Images. It’s a great little app that lets you just look at the images being used on Tumblr. And, let’s be honest. That’s all anyone really looks at on Tumblr anyway. This app just aggregates all the images and lets you look for things by typing in tags or key words.

About this post. I decided to round up infographics on the state of social media, along with one that gives you tips for making great posts on Facebook.

This 1st infographic rounds up what happened in social media over the course of 2012. Some you’ll remember (Facebook buying Instagram), and some you may not (how many people Tweet about TV). Take a look and see how much you remember, how much you don’t, and how much is useless filler :)

State of social media 2012

This 2nd infographic from the Huffington Post has some interesting numbers on everything from the percentage of people who ignore privacy settings to how much food-related content is on Pinterest. The infographic is broken down into statistics for each specific social media site or app. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest are all featured.

What surprises you the most about these statistics?

Social media statistics

This last infographic is a cheat sheet for using Facebook. Do you want to increase the amount of interaction you have with your friends or followers on Facebook? This infographic will show you how by telling you what gets noticed and what doesn’t when it comes to posting things on your wall.

Facebook cheat sheet

Well, that finishes off this edition of infographic roundup. Stay tuned for an all Apple extravaganza of infographics in just a bit.


Apple infographic roundup

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    • Thank you very much! That was very interesting about emoticons and all the things that garner more likes and the things that turn people off.

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