Collage Painter Just a Whole Lot of Fun

Collage Painter

One of the many beautiful screenshots from Collage Painter.

iAds have been added to this app since it was reviewed, but they can be disabled with an in-app purchase. Just press the question mark to find the place to do this.

Developer Kirill previously brought an app called Artifact to the App Store, but the world didn't seem ready for such an advanced app. I loved it, but many were confused at how to use the app.

In his 2nd offering to the App Store, Kirill brought a much more streamlined and user-friendly version of Artifact called Collage Painter. That's the app we're going to take a look at today. A little bit painting with photos, a little bit collage, and a whole lotta fun, that is what Collage Painter is. To top it off, the app is usually $1.99, but is completely FREE for the next few days.

I pride myself on quickly picking up apps and being able to then explain them to you, but today, we're all learning together a bit because there is just too much good packed into this little iPad app for me to have become an expert at all of it quite so quickly. So, bear with me as I gloss over bits I may not understand quite as thoroughly as I would like.

Collage Painter

My 1st attempt at creation.

The crux of Collage Painter involves painting a top layer of a photo (and many other things, which we'll discuss) onto a bottom layer of a photo called the canvas. That's simply put, but it's the best way I can say it without drawing a diagram.

I have to give thanks to Kirill and his fabulous Facebook page for giving me the idea to use an Emoji character as my top layer, which is what the snail pictured above is. Just an enlarged snail Emoji. I'll post some videos at the bottom of the post to Collage Painter in action, including using Emoji to create Noah's Ark.

Collage Painter

You have a few choices in deciding where your going to get your top layer and canvas images from in Collage Painter.

The canvas (the 1 upon which you are drawing) can be chosen from your own photos, by searching the web, you can take a photo, and you can paste a photo in.

Collage Painter

The top layer (the 1 which is being colored over so that it's added to the canvas) has a few in addition to those methods. You can create text, which is where you can type in words, or you can switch to your Emoji keyboard and choose an Emoji or 3 or whatever to use.

Another option for the top layer is what is called Collections. There are many built-in shapes that you can choose from. For 99 cents in-app purchase, you can get another collection of Lovey Dovey Valentine's themed options to use as the top layer.

To begin bringing a layer in, just click on the layer you want to load and then choose “Load Image.” That brings up the menu where you choose where you're going to get that photo from. The Collections are located right below that option, but only when you are on the top layer.

Collage Painter

By the way, if this review sounds too convoluted or you just don't understand the way I'm phrasing something (I may be using the wrong terminology anyway), there is a wonderful in-app help section that even includes a tutorial video.

I didn't have time to go through it completely, but it looks very thorough. Kirill is always happy to answer questions to. I would consider him a very conscientious developer. He does frequent updates and is available to help users.

Collage Painter

Lots of options await.

Once you get your top layer and canvas into place (wishlist #1 could the canvas lock into place?), you're ready to get started creating. You can position your top layer anywhere on the canvas using 3 fingers (wishlist #2 could we make that 2 fingers?). Once it is where you want it, you just choose the painting mode you want and then color it onto the canvas using your finger or a stylus.

The paint mode options include paint, darken, multipy, color, erase, lighten, screen, and lumina. When you choose 1, a description of what it means appears above it, which is very helpful.

Collage Painter

Some great features.

Some other fun features and tools you can play with include adding effects and color tints to source images, perspective warping a top layer image (I did it with 1 of the snails), cropping the canvas, transforming the top layer image, and copying the top layer to the bottom and vice versa. I say play, because play is the best way to become familiar with any app. Just start pusing buttons. What's the worst that can happen? You start again?

Overall, Collage Painter is a powerful tool for people interested in actively doing something with their photography, people interested in design, and people who just want to have fun with photos, collage, and painting all rolled into 1.

Here are a few of the videos that feature what Collage Painter can do.

That's it for me today. Until later, …