New Hidden Object Game Based On TV Show Lost Girl a Winner

Lost Girl

I’ve never seen the TV show, but the game is wonderful!

I downloaded the brand new game Lost Girl yesterday with some trepidation, frankly out of desperation. I have completed every Big Fish game, & I needed something to play. I have played the type of game Lost Girl is before & I’ve always hated them. But, like I said, I was desperate.

Lost Girl

I am SO glad that I gave it a try. The fact that it is a completely FREE hidden object/adventure game (unless you buy power-ups and such that you really don’t need unless you’re impatient) was the biggest reason I downloaded it. The reason I’m continuing to play it, however, is a combination of interesting storyline, decent hidden object scenes (although they can get repetitive), strong characters, & lack of annoying tasks that are pointless.

You see, Lost Girl is not just a hidden object game. It’s not like a Big Fish game where it has 1 storyline that is cohesive & ends. Lost Girl is a never-ending game that keeps coming up with new mysteries to solve, new assignments & tasks to complete & introduces new characters & locations periodically.

Lost Girl

This is the map that allows you to travel from place to place in Lost Girl.

There are many of these types of games. If you search for hidden object games in the App Store on the iPad, the biggest games to pop up are games like Gardens of Time & Mystery Manor. I’ve tried these games before, but I absolutely hate them!

They give you endless & pointless tasks to find objects that have nothing to do with what you actually need to find. The tutorials last forever, they guide you on exactly what you’re to do next with absolutely no exploring or free play & they make their money off selling you energy to keep playing & trinkets for good luck.

Lost Girl

Now, Lost Girl does have many of the same characteristics of those endless play games, but for some reason, it is able to pull it off without seeming contrived & being downright annoying. I have not seen the TV show that the game is based on, but the stories & characters seem strong & this game was obviously carefully thought out. It is not just some afterthought made to try to get more viewers (although, I’m sure they’d like that).

Since I haven’t seen the show, I can’t really tell you if the premise is accurate or not. But, here’s the story.

Lost Girl

The create a character set-up.

You play a new Fae (different types of fairies and magical beings) who has just come to town. You have a knack for finding things & are quickly swept up in controversy & mystery. Your finding things skill makes you a desired asset for many of the main players in town, so you have no trouble finding things to do to make money. I have not played very far into the game, so I can’t tell you much more, but I have played for several hours & it is an intriguing world the game is set in, filled with magic, mystery, & mayhem.

The game starts out with you designing your own Fae character to play, which is a very nice touch that is reminiscent of console games, although without quite as much depth. The tutorial is extensive, but in this case it was quite necessary at least for me, because I am unfamiliar with this type of game play. Unfortunately, there is no way to skip the tutorial or at least parts of it if you are familiar with this type of game. I think I would be annoyed if I had to go through half an hour of tutorial when I knew what to do.

Lost Girl

This is a hidden object scene you’ll become quite familiar with.

Basically, you start out in 1 place (a bar), where a bartender explains the game to you. You are given tasks and assignments that you read & accept. Then, you go to the designated hidden object scene that hides the object necessary to fulfill said assignment & find objects that are not the things you actually receive.

I totally don’t understand that last point. Why do I have to find a helmet, globe, & moon, when what I’m actually after is tomato juice? It is asinine. But, I digress.

The tutorial ends (kind of) & you are left to find the city map on your own (top, right corner). From that map, you can travel to any designation that pops up & is relevant to the assignment you’re trying to complete. The tutorial pops up here & there when you encounter something new, like fighting.

Lost Girl

Here’s the guy you need to fight 1st.

The fighting is a new element that I’ve never seen in this type of game. It is not difficult. You just press buttons to block & punch & you can use your Fae powers that you’ve been developing as you level up to defeat your enemy. It is actually pretty cool & really shows off how awesome the graphics are in this game.

There is truly too much going on in this game for me to do a complete walkthrough like I usually try to do, besides the fact that I’ve barely started playing. I am confident that you will do well with it though, because it is not overly hard & the walkthrough is extensive, extensive, extensive.

You do have to watch your energy level, which is the 1 thing I really don’t like. If your energy level gets too low, you can’t do anything without eating something that you have to pay for or find. Most of the time, you will pay for it. However, you can wait & come back to the game when your energy has been refreshed (it will refresh even if the game is closed). The game also does start you with a generous sum of money & you make a lot of money while playing.

Lost Girl

This is the item store. There is also a clothing store.

If you want to buy clothing & other things in the store, you could easily start spending real-world money. But, unlike other games of this type, they don’t seem to be pushing that path overly much or requiring things you can’t find with perseverance.

Speaking of perseverance, many of the things you need to find will require you to find the same objects in the same scenes over and over and over again. It can become tedious, but the scenes are actually difficult enough & they move around the objects you need to find, so it isn’t as bad as it could be. Plus, you have to find more & more objects the higher up you get in the game.

There are no hints, but you can use your Fae powers (you have to pay after a few) to find things. They do refresh naturally after 24 hours.

Lost Girl

I like to play games like these, well Big Fish-like games, for hours upon hours. Unless you spend some money, you will have to take breaks to refresh your energy in this game. Now, I’m not opposed to spending money on games.

You know what an advocate I am for developers being able to make a living. But, I’d much rather spend $5 or $7 on a game upfront & just be able to play it. I really don’t like the buy a little here & buy a little there strategy. It can quickly build up to massive amounts of money.

But overall, Lost Girl is a winner in my opinion. It has some quality that escapes naming that makes it just different from other games of this kind. I think I can get over the need to play endlessly (for hours) if I get to play this game endlessly in the long run (for a year).

Lost Girl’s real strength lies in the excellent graphics, FAR better hidden object scenes than usual in this type of game, & characters & storylines that grab your attention & make you want to keep going to find out what happens next.

P.S. I’m sorry that this deviates from my normal reviews. I didn’t walk you through exactly how to play & I didn’t have only positive things to say about the game. I promise I’ll be back to my normal reviewing self by tomorrow :)

That’s it for me today. Until later, …

Lost Girl

New characters & storyline will be coming up, developers promise.

38 thoughts on “New Hidden Object Game Based On TV Show Lost Girl a Winner

  1. Finally! New content update is out. They added the character Tamsin (dark fae Valkyrie) and 10 missions. Some bug fixes too.

  2. It says that I need 3 friends can someone please friend me I don’t know if this game is linked to Facebook my name is natani slowtrain spoobie Benson also I’m not understanding where the docks are and what I have to do to get the sleeping pills I have looked everywhere in the slums and defeated everyone of the thugs 3 times

  3. Huge update available for this now. Huge like…use wireless to download it. I downloaded it but haven’t tried it yet. It should be the new content we were waiting for.

      • Thanks! One other question. What about the curiosity shoppe? I have a quest to get aspirin from there but I don’t see one on my map.

        • The Curiosity Shoppe is your inventory. Look at different areas to see who has what you need. The Ogres at the docks and the Collector’s Shop have a lot of stuff.

            • Went through the inventory and had no aspirins. I also looked through every search area and none of them have aspirins as a findable thing. Is there a place I’m missing?

              • I don’t remember where I found them, but check every area AND every creature you can fight. Sometimes the Ogres have stuff. Or the Collector’s Shop. Or the many areas of the Dal. Wait, aspirin? Could it be in Lauren’s apt? She IS a doctor.

              • Have you tried Lauren’s apartment? The ogres? The Colector’s shop? All the Dal’s areas?

              • I think he’s talking about the store area (I don’t remember what it’s called, but it’s the section where you actually have to buy things). I could be wrong. Anyone?

                • I looked in the store and they don’t have it. The only option would be the random bags but I don’t want to buy those if there is another area.

                  Thanks to all

                  • What area is Lauren’s apartment in? I remember seeing her when she gave me the quest, but I don’t remember an apartment.

                  • No, you don’t need to do the random bags. I’ve never completed a quest with them. It is definitely in the game? You tried everything fightable? and Lauren’s place? The shop? The Dal? etc…

                    • I’ve looked at all the fights and nobody has aspirin as their objects that they can drop. I’ve looked at all of the rooms but don’t see any. I can’t remember where Lauren’s apartment was. I want to look at that area again.

                    • It’s definitely in the game. Lauren i believe is top left corner of map. Go through every area in map systematically. there are even areas within areas like menagerie and portal, but I dont think it is in those.

                    • Found her apartment. It opened when I finished getting into Hale’s father’s place. No place to search yet but I figure one will open eventually.

              • U have to fight the ogres at the dock they have the 6 pk of a aspirin that Lorenz looking for but u have to fight them a few times before u get item

    • Congratulations! I thought the game was 1 of those games that didn’t end though & that they were going to keep updating it? Oh well!

  4. Got past where I was stuck, but now I don’t have any waiting quests (solved 4 mysteries) and don’t know if I finished the game. LOL.

  5. I’m stuck on “show duvenny clue the clue she left behind .” Anyone find this clue? where? Thanks.

  6. Hi, I’m at level 10 now and still in the bar area. I’ve done them all to expert levels. How do I fight the thug and find the collectors shop key please?

      • Exit the bar area and enter the Slums area. Click on a character in a red circle (in this case a thug), confirm the fight and click on the red and blue circles as they show up. I’m at level 21.

          • You’re welcome. Some hints: There is no curiosity Shoppe or whatever it’s called…I think they mean your inventory screen. There IS a collector’s shoppe. Stuff that he doens’t have MAY be on the ogres at the docks. I do not know the password to the guy outside the Morrigan’s office.

  7. Nice review.

    It’s a shame the game is so buggy. I’m playing it with 3 characters (not Lycan or Succubus), and some of the quests I did with the first character don’t seem doable anymore (the teashop and the guy I’m supposed to fight there no longer exist). On the other hand, bugs have been fixed while I have been playing, which is nice. Also, it’s not always intuitive where to find things (like the dubloons and flute for the crow). An the game crashes a lot. Plus, some things don’t exist (curiosity shoppe which sis weird cuz its mentioned all the time) and there is a guy near the office building with a password nobody knows. Basically, we are playing an unfinished game that they are working on while we are playing it.

    • I’m sorry you’ve been having problems with the game. I haven’t run into anything like that, but I haven’t played quite as much.

  8. I think Big Fish should hire you to play games before they are released to provide them with your very valuable feedback!!! I enjoy the SIMPLEST of hidden object games. I’m just not much of a thinker. I like Buckingham palace (just one screen after the other) … I liked Amazon (I think that is what it was called), too, and something Haunted. But once the storyline gets involved, with puzzles I can’t solve, I get discouraged. :(

    • That would be so cool. I once got asked to fill out a survey for Big Fish, and it said that they were looking, based on the survey, for people to test their games, but I guess I wasn’t a good fit. That’s okay though. I just enjoy playing the games. I like the puzzles and extra story and gathering objects and figuring out how to use them. Buckingham Palace type games usually make me bored.

      But, it wasn’t too long ago, maybe 2 years, when I 1st tried to play Drawn, that I didn’t know how to get past the 1st scene. I had no idea how to play these types of games. My boyfriend, an adventure game player from way back, had to walk me through the entire game of Drawn. After that, I picked up games more quickly by myself. I still need to consult walkthroughs or strategy guides from time to time, but more and more, I choose the expert category to play, if it is offered, and I never use hints in the games.

      I’m sure you’ll get less frustrated with puzzle games as you go along, too.

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