Marco Arment on Instapaper’s sale and the “big” market for read-it-later apps


Are you an Instapaper user? Well, it was just sold to Betaworks. Arment says this means big things for the app in terms of new features and will help it keep up with itself & projects he hasn't had time to finish. Read the interview with Arment yourself here …

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Marco Arment, Instapaper founder and the former CTO of Tumblr, announced Thursday evening that Betaworks is acquiring his popular read-it-later app. We caught up with Arment to ask him a few questions about the sale and what’s next. Here’s a slightly edited transcript of our conversation.

Q. Why is now the right time to sell Instapaper?

A. “The biggest reason I did it is because I just haven’t been able to keep up. It’s not that I’m having trouble keeping up with competitors or Apple or anything like that. The service has gotten so big now that I’m having trouble just keeping it functioning, fresh and up to date. I knew probably six months ago that I should be starting down this road and it took me awhile to admit to myself… The product has seen incredible growth and has a very loyal dedicated customer base, and I couldn’t address…

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