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What’s Happening Now, How to Watch it Yourself, & Everything Else You Ever Wanted to Know about WWDC 2013

wwdc 2013

With about 20 minutes until the Keynote address begins at Apple’s annual weeklong developer’s conference (WWDC), moods of Apple devotees across the Web could best be expressed as exuberant & speculation as to what will actually be announced is still flying around with few facts actually known. 

Watching the Keynote address is easier than ever this year. Existing Apple customers can watch via Safari or on an Apple TV on Apple’s Events section of their website


Also this year, Apple released a universal iOS app called WWDC where developers can log in & watch events, save their favorites, & even find a map to get around the conference. If you’re not a developer, just click “cancel” when asked to sign in & you can still access the schedule & Special Event videos section. I believe the keynote will be available to watch there as well, but I’m not sure when it will be made available. 

wwdc ustream

I myself, will be using Ustream, a FREE & universal app that has provided coverage of the event year after year via broadcasts by a wide variety of users. This year, I’ve chosen to watch live coverage by TWiT.tv, a well-known technology podcast provider. 


A lot of bloggers will be “live blogging” the whole event, many with very sophisticated systems that actually update your screen for you as they add news. Not to mention the teams of people they have working on such endeavors. 

As a 1-girl, 1-iPad setup, I can’t promise you such finery. What I will give you is all the WWDC Keynote address news as it happens, in bullet points which will be fleshed out with photos, quips, & background, as fast as my little fingers can type. 


Once the address is over, I’ll wrap it all up, analyze what happened, & what didn’t happen, throw in some photos, & place a pretty bow on top. 

  • For the main event, stay tuned to this page. I’ll just be adding what I can, as fast as I can. Refresh the page every few minutes, & you should have just about everything you ever wanted to know about what’s happening live at the WWDC (but were afraid to ask), & probably some opinions, tips, & randomness that may or may not directly relate to what’s happening. I promise. It’ll make sense to me. 
  • Once the whole thing is over, I may permit myself the luxury of standing up, taking a drink, petting my dog, etc. & then, I’ll get right on the write-up to explain in detail what just happened, what it all meant, & what it will mean to you & your iDevices in the near future. That post will be on a different webpage accessible from the main iOS Affairs home page, but I will link to it from the stream of consciousness that is live blogging (at least the way I do it). 

WWDC 2013 Keynote Address: As It Happens

  • Tim Cook on the stage welcoming people to the 24th annual developer conference. He even makes a joke at the expense of Apple Maps :)
  • Updates on Apple retail. Obviously not what everyone’s here to hear about, but I guess it heightens the drama. 
  • As usual, awesome, inspiring music accompanies every commercial, every video, even the wait for the show to begin. 
  • On to the App Store. Next month is the App Store’s 5th birthday!
  • 93% of the 900,000 apps in the App Store are downloaded every month. 
  • 575,000,000 store accounts. More accounts with credit cards than any other store on the Internet. 
  • Have now paid developers 10 billion dollars. 5 billion of that in the past year. 3 times more than all other platforms combined. Which is why developers come to Apple. Despite any frustration they may experience, iOS is where developers make money. Not every single one of them, but more than on any other platform (that’s my comment, not something he just said). 
  • Developer showing off some racing game. Not sure exactly why. Is this running on something new?  
  • The game is showing off how iOS can be used not just as a consumer device, but as the brains behind something that a few years ago people thought impossible from a mobile OS. This is a real-life video game. Available in Apple stores and online this fall. 
  • Okay, now we’re moving on to Macs. iMac #1 desktop in U.S. this year. Macbook is #1 in laptops in U.S. Also #1 in customer satisfaction. Mountain Lion best selling software of all time. Haha, the chart showing the number of people using the newest version of Mountain Lion vs the newest version of Windows is hilarious. 
  • 10th release of OSX will be named Mavericks. (They ran out of cats) The next 10 versions will be California-themed names. 
  • Top 3 innovations for Macs: Missed the 1st thing, sorry; Tagging (tag anything, anywhere (including iCloud) & search for it in finder); multiple displays – I don’t really get what the importance of this is, because I hate computers (sorry Mac users), but I’m sure you’ll be excited. 
  • I think I may fall asleep now. He just said CPU activity is reduced a lot which will save energy. & that compressed memory will be available immediately to any app or anything that is trying to open in seconds. 
  • On to Safari: Well, he had me at some cool things like a sidebar along your web pages so you can continually browse your saved articles, bookmarks, and bookmarks/links of people you follow on Twitter & LinkedIn. That looked really cool, but then he moved on to boring things (sorry computer people). There will be super-scrolling that will take you through long pages and Retina pages so smoothly. I hope this is shared over on iOS!
  • OOOh! A power-saving thing that interested me. It’s called App Nap. When something isn’t actively working, it naps, but is instantly available when needed. Will save battery life a LOT!
  • 1-click bookmarking
  • Another scrolling feature: when you scroll to the bottom of 1 article you’re reading, it starts the next article in the next tab (I believe). Same thing happens in Reader.  
  • iCloud Keychain: This looks SOOOOOOOO cool! This may kill all password apps!
  • Improvements to notifications on the Mac: Ability to reply within a notification. Don’t have to open an email, just click on the notification and type there. Get your push notifications from news, etc. also through Mac notifications. 
  • Mac Calendar aware of location, weather, what have you. And, it’s beautiful. Put in something you want to eat for lunch and it suggests restaurants. Will tell you travel times, etc. Will add travel time to your calendar. Notifications go to your iPhone too. 
  • Apple Maps is coming to Macs, but it is gorgeous and has everything that fixed that people complained about. Flyovers, street view, POI, rotate flyovers (new flyover data), POI on info cards with reviews (sync across all devices). Plus, send directions from your Mac to your iPhone. 
  • iBooks coming to Mac. Full iOS library coming to your Mac. 
  • Now, we get to see a demo of all of the Mac features. 
  • OSX preview available for developers today; available to users this fall. 

Moving on to MacBook Air

  • All-day battery life
  • Turns on in a second
  • Monthlong standby
  • New AirPort Extreme & AirPort Time Capsule: This is a lot of tech stuff that I just don’t get. But, it sounds pretty awesome. 
  • New MacBook Airs start shipping today.

Sneak Peek of Mac Pro

  • Intel Xeon chip. Double performance of previous generation. Based on PCIe Flash 
  • Dual workstation GPUs for graphics. 2.5x the last generation. 
  • 4K displays
  • Thunderbolt 2
  • (I have absolutely no idea what he’s talking about. It sounds like jibberish to me, but it looks like a computer built out of a Star Wars robot, so I’m all good with it.)
  • Coming later this year and it is U.S. designed, U.S. built. 

iCloud on the table now

  • Fastest-growing cloud service ever
  • iTunes in the Cloud most popular, 300,000,000 users
  • Deeply integrating iCloud into the new iWork (did he say new iWork? the iWork that hasn’t been updatd in YEARS?)
  • Later this year new releases of all versions of iWork for Mac and iOS
  • Newest member of iWork is iWork for Cloud: everything you do in Pages, etc. but done in a web browser. 
  • How does it work with Word documents? Perfectly. Open up the Microsoft document & start working on it just like it was started there. 
  • Everything happens in a web browser. 
  • 3D Keynote animations work in a web browser beautifully. 
  • Plus, it all works on Windows desktops. Because it all happens in a web browser, it is cross-platform. 
  • Public beta opens today for developers. Users look for it later this year. 

Yay!!!!!!!! iOS

  • Now sold 600 million iOS devices. 
  • Experion study shows iPhone users use their iPhone 50 percent more than Android users use their phones. 
  • iPad has 82% of market share
  • iPhone and iPad customers are responsible for more mobile shopping on Black Friday last year
  • JD Power has named iPhone best in customer satisfaction 9 consecutive times. 
  • iOS satisfaction is 97%. 25 points better than Android.
  • Software updates are done easily

iOS 6


Standing ovation for iOS 7 video. Someone just yelled that they love Tim!

Biggest change to the iPhone since it was begun. I wish you could’ve seen the video!

You can see behind the icons to better see your wallpaper. Fonts have changed, the color palette is changed, it is ALLLLLLL different. It is dynamic! Integrates gestures! Folders can have multiple pages. 

Comprehensive, end-to-end redesign of the user experience. It’s like getting a new phone that you already know how to use.

Multi-tasking for ALL apps with great battery life. iOS 7 learns your patterns for how you use apps. It gives background support to wapps to the degree that you use them. 

I’m almost speechless. Well, typeless. I am so awed I don’t know what to write first. He’s going to fast and it is all amazing!

This is a really bad picture of how “tabs” look like in Safari now. From the top. Not limited to 8, can see all tabs from all devices. 

Swipe up from the bottom for all the buttonsyou use a lot. Accessible from lock screen too. Flashlight, music, etc. 

Photos app made into Moments. No more mess! Moments are tied into Collections. Photos app has filters for fuller editing. Better sharing. iCloud photo sharing lets you share to multiple streams. And others can share into your photo streams. iCloud even supports video sharing. 

Siri gets an update with new voices in male and female. Added languages. Can control way more of the device. “Play my last voicemail” Integrated Wikipedia, Bing search results, and Twitter. 

iOS in the Car

Siri lets you go eyes free in the car. Just a ton of manufacturers bringing iOS integration in 2014. 

App Store search changes: Discover apps based on location and age ranges. 


Music app looks great, but it’s getting glossed over for 

iTunes Radio: Built into everything Apple. Free with ads. If you’re an iTunes Match subscriber it’s ad-free. Starting in U.S.

iOS 7 beta available to developers today for iPhone. Final release for users this fall:

iPhone 4 and above, iPad 2 and above, iPod Touch 5 and above. 

They are just winding things up now doing an overview of everything they’ve told us. 

So, as we expected, no new devices, but this new iOS is overwhelming, amazing, and enough for me right now. 

I’ll be back with an article that hopefully makes a little more sense than this word salad in just a few hours. 

Thanks for following along!


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