This Post Is NOT Like the Others

Hi readers! It’s me. Tracy. I’m alive and healthy and feel extraordinarily guilty about basically abandoning the blog.

This post is not like other posts on iOS Affairs. There will be no app reviews and no cool technology talk. For once (or twice), I’m going to talk about myself for a minute, something I try very hard not to do on this blog.

Many of you have either seen a note on Facebook or Twitter or have received an email or 10 from me saying that I have been sick. Well, that’s not the whole story.

I don’t have the flu or a cold. And, I’m not getting any better. In fact, I’m getting worse.

Some of you may remember the only other personal post I’ve done where I told you that I am disabled, I suffer from several lifelong illnesses, and I am in constant pain (just thought you might want a quick reminder).

What’s going on right now is that I’ve been told that I need to consider 1 or 2 rather radical surgeries that may help with the problems that have kept me from writing for the past month. I don’t like the word surgery. I especially don’t like the word surgeries.

These are complicated surgeries that have a lot of aftereffects that need to be dealt with.

I am not dealing with any of this particularly well.

I’m keeping myself busy doing medical research (which can be depressing) and playing with apps on my iDevices (so that I’ll have quite a lot to tell you when I start writing again). But, none of this is really distracting me from the malaise I feel over the decisions I have to make.

I see a specialist on July 1 who will help me go through all of my options.

Well, that’s enough of my medical melodrama.

The only reason I tell you dear readers all of this is so that you better understand why I have been away from my beloved blog and from you. It is hard to put on my writer’s cap when I feel this way.

So, until my medical melodrama is resolved and I am feeling better, I wanted to tell you that posts will be sporadic, if they come at all. I really hope you bear with me while I go through this so that I can see you when I return to my regular writing program.

I was in the middle of the longest post I’ve ever written at the beginning of this month when I got interrupted by all of this nonsense. It is sitting in my Drafts folder now and I plan to try to finish it off and post it sometime soon.

I may also invite a few guest posters to keep you entertained and informed. (I am still not taking guest post submissions due to the work involved. I am only doing guest posts of people I invite to write).

I really want to give you a post with a blow-by-blow of iOS 7 in the near future, as well. Hopefully I can find some time where I feel well enough to work on that.

Well, I think you know just about everything now. I hate going on and on about myself on a technology blog, but I also hate telling people I’m sick for months in a row with no explanation.

Just because I’m not writing posts does not mean I’m not lurking about my blog. So, if you have any iOS-related questions or questions about apps, feel free to ask at the end of any post or under the Questions page at the top of the screen. I’ll get back to you faster than you’d think.

If you’ve read this far, thanks for being so loyal. If you read any of this, thanks! I’ll do my best not to let you all down and to get back to writing iOS Affairs regularly as soon as possible.

That’s it for me today. Until later, …

7 thoughts on “This Post Is NOT Like the Others

  1. I hope you are granted the serenity to make the decisions you have to, so you might feel better! Good luck Tracy!

    • Thank you so much! Everyone has been so kind to me on a post that was just intended to tell you why there have been no new posts. I’m really blown away!

    • Thank you! Yes, surgery is a scary proposition. But, the alternative, which is living in a horrible state that is getting unbearable is also scary. I just hate having to make these kind of decisions at all. Thanks again for sending your support!

    • Thank you Ray (everyone, this is my father-in-law. Ray, this is everyone). I didn’t know you had found my blog. Thanks for reading and for your kind words.

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