2013: A Year in Review

We all get excited when we see that our Annual Report is available on the Dashboard. With fireworks & all!

Did you know that WordPress itself gets the same kind of Annual Review each year? Take a look at some amazing numbers & outcomes (which you helped them to achieve).

The stat monkeys really did an outstanding job with this one! There are no fireworks, but what could have been a boring list of numbers & comparisons is actually a beautifully laid out report that is overflowing with bright colors & dynamic design.

WordPress.com News

With 2013 behind us, we can now take a look at our community’s incredible accomplishments over the past year. Here’s the year that was on WordPress.com.

13,704,819 new blogs in 2013

That’s a 36% increase from 2012, during which you created 10 million new blogs.

489,281,136 posts in 2013

That’s 12 times the number of books in the Library of Congress!

667,675,929 comments in 2013

That’s an average of 21 comments per second for the entire year.

comments since you’ve been
on this page.

95,424,985 likes in 2013

That’s almost 38,000 times the number of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The most popular topics in 2013

You’ve written about thousands of topics in 2013. Here are the top ten:

  1. Photography328,763 posts
  2. Video289,493 posts
  3. Politics282,893 posts
  4. Music282,434 posts
  5. Life280,219 posts
  6. News259,493 posts
  7. Art240,367 posts
  8. Love168,657 posts
  9. Humor155,213 posts
  10. Food105,528…

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10 ways your smartphone can improve your travel experience via @hoppertravel

For the most part, I am a staunch armchair traveler. I use apps that can give me 360 degree views of places across the world & apps that are virtual windows that open to anywhere I desire. 

But, after 10 years (or so), I am planning my 1st real vacation for this fall. It’s only a 3-day trip to a bed & breakfast in Wisconsin, but for me, it is definite progress. 

Being the app queen that I am, travel apps have been making their way in large numbers to my devices (you’d be surprised how many were already there given my lack of traveling habits). 

So, this infographic immediately caught my eye. Not only is it a useful collection of information on how technology generally & apps specifically can help travelers, but it is also bright & inviting from a graphic design standpoint. 

Take a look & see what you can find to help you plan & enjoy your next vacation.

jlnpr: PR + Marketing + Social Media

10 Smartphone Uses for the Tech Savvy Traveler
Source: Hopper

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Social Media Infographic Extravaganza!

It’s been awhile since I really went on a Tumblr binge & brought you the best infographics I could find. I may have gone overboard with today’s line-up of social media-themed infographics, but it’s easy to do using TumbleOn HD – Tumblr App for Images. The app knows me so well that it opens directly to the tag for infographics. 

So, let’s get started looking at & analyzing what I found. I have a lot of questions for you, too!

Twitter Psych 101

I really like the information in this 1st infographic, but the styling & fonts could use a little finesse, in my opinion. 

I think the part that will interest many readers is why people say they unfollow someone. The #1 reason given is tweeting too much. I can’t say I haven’t unfollowed someone for that reason (sorry for the double negative, I have unfollowed someone for tweeting too much). 

Computer users might say, “why don’t you just ignore those people,” but mobile users know that when you have notifications turned on for each tweet, too much tweeting is just really annoying. But, there’s a lot of gray in this area. Too much for me might not be too much for The Associated Press, for instance. And, tweets of substance are less annoying, in my opinion, than tweets that are just 2 people talking to each other. 

What do you think? Have you ever unfollowed anyone? Why?

Twitter psychology

Twitter UK-style

This 2nd infographic has information based on Twitter usage in the UK, but I think that the results are probably generalizable outside of the UK, as well. 

I found it interesting that Twitter is so extremely mobile both in device used to access it & where it’s used & yet also so integrated into home life activities like watching TV & going to bed (what are people tweeting at bedtime, by the way?). 

I’m interested to know how many of you follow brands on Twitter & how many you follow? I think I currently follow more brands on Facebook & more news & technology sources on Twitter, but maybe I should think about switching some things up. 

Mobile Twitter


This 1 may be a little outdated, but I liked it nonetheless. 

Many, many people are going to say, “I use Facebook & that’s not who I am,” but remember that this infographic is a profile of the AVERAGE Facebook fan who likes SxSW based on statistics of what everyone who is a fan of SxSW likes. So, calm down!

Facebook profiled

Be a Good Sharer 

Now, let’s look at what makes quality content that gets shared on Facebook. This infographic is targeted toward brands & marketers, but it has a lot of information that could make your shares better & more well-received, too. 

  • Thoughtful posts that are short(er), speak to who you are, & that are entertaining are always going to get more likes & comments & possibly shares. 
  • I’ve seen just a ton of studies & infographics also claiming that “calls to action” (i.e. asking people to retweet, share, etc.) work really well & actually get people to do it more. That said, I absolutely hate the posts & photos that say something & then basically dare you to share & state that 99% of my friends won’t share this. It’s high-tech bullying. 
  • I’ve personally found that people really seem to enjoy thoughtfully culled educational content. By this I mean sharing interesting studies covered by news sources, science & psychology news, & odd tidbits. I’ve started many a good conversation this way on Facebook. Have you noticed the same thing? 

What you get from this infographic will really depend on who you are. My readers who are also marketers or developers are going to get something completely different from it than regular Facebook using readers. But, whatever you use Facebook for, I thought this was interesting.

Share better on Facebook

Social Media Safari

Now, this infographic is just pure fun! But, am I just way out of the loop? What are 9GAG & Archify?

The social media kingdom

Bonus Infographic: Geeks & Nerds

Whenever I go on a TumbleOn binge, I always come back with something that doesn’t fit in with whatever I’m writing, but that I like a lot anyway. So, here’s today’s bonus infographic. It has nothing to do with social media (unless you want to debate whether more geeks than nerds tweet), but I want to run it & it’s my blog :)

Well, that’s it for this edition of I Went on a Tumblr Binge & All I Got Were These Fabulous Infographics. Stay tuned for the next time I get bored & stumble onto Tumblr. 

That’s it for me today. Until later, … 

Lessons From Steve Jobs

It seems I no sooner than published the Dr. Seuss infographic on quotes that can change your life when I found this infographic on Tumblr on Lessons Learned from the Life of Steve Jobs. I'm sure there's a corollary there somewhere, but I'll let you find it.

Steve Jobs lived life on his terms in no uncertain way. Here's a quick trip through his life with the upshot of what he was preaching without all the preaching.

Dr. Seussisms That Rock

Okay, this is in no way a technology infographic. That said, I'm running it anyway, because it is foundational to how I live my life & how this blog gets run. I'm sure if we get creative, we can even apply some of these to iOS & iDevices, if not apps. But, suffice it to say, these are some must-reads & I'd feel just crappy if I didn't run it.

Yearning For a Road Trip? Follow Steve

People interested in Everything Apple may be interested in the following infographic. This is the route that Steve Jobs took on his way to greatness & leadership of Apple. It's a roundabout journey that will take you on a pilgrimage around Northern California. Call a travel agent now or just get in the car & start driving!

Follow Steve infographic

Average App Users By the Numbers: How Do You Rank?

Apps are getting bigger and bigger, and this infographic I found on Tumblr suggests that they are just going to keep getting bigger. Of people who own a smart device (eReader, tablet, phone), 74% have downloaded at least 1 app.

The average iPhone user has 15 apps and the average iPad user has 18 apps. I am WAY over average here. I own more than 5,000 apps and have almost 1,000 on each device. Of course, I don't use each app every day, but I do know what each of them does and I try to leverage them for use in the best ways I can.

How many apps do you own? How many do you download in an average month? If it's more than 1, you're above average, too.

Pinterest Making Changes

It's no secret that I'm a fan of Pinterest (read my Gallery+ review, Bazaart review, and Pinterest infographics here and here). Apparently, Pinterest is making some changes to both the look and content of their site.

One thing that is changing is that you can no longer use links in descriptions for pins. Read about more of the changes in this infographic I found on Tumblr.


Your Instagram Filter Choices Say A Lot About You!

This infographic purports to tell you who you are based on what filter you use, among other things. I am personally amazed that almost half of all Instagram users don't use any filter at all (which still says something). I find it impossible not to use a filter.

How about you? Which filter do you use most on Instagram? Do you think the descriptions about you are accurate?

Tweet Like a Pro; Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Met Through Social Media

Instead of looking at boring statistics and charts full of Twitter data, this 1st infographic gives us the highlights that came to the surface after people analyzed all those statistics and numbers. I think the highlights are far more interesting, and through reading them, you may find yourself interacting with Twitter in whole new ways.

I have been exploring Twitter apps and hope to bring you the best and brightest of all Twitter apps in the upcoming weeks.

7 effective ways to engage on Twitter

Psychology students will be familiar with the format of this 2nd infographic.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs explains what a person needs most essentially. The most important things for physical survival are on the bottom row. Self-realization is always the highest goal with Maslow, so it is at the top (along with blogging platforms to help you self-realize). In-between base survival and self-realization are safety, belonging, and esteem, along with the social media sites that help to attain those needs.

This is a brilliant take on Maslow's pyramid adapted for the modern world. No matter how you feel about social media and the ability to make “real” connections to others through social media, it does happen. Maybe not to you. But, for many people, it may be the only way it can happen.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs on social

Both infographics were found through TumbleOn HD for the iPad, the Tumblr app for images. For further information on who made these infographics, please read the information at the bottom of each one.