Searching for Movies to Watch? 2 FREE Apps You Should Seek

I recently found 2 FREE movie apps that give me information I didn’t even know I was missing, and they do it with style. Come take a look.

The 1st app I found is called The Movie searchOmeter. I promise the app is better than the name.

What makes this app so very cool is that it integrates synopses, cast members, genres, directors, trailers, reviews, and much more onto the back of a little movie card and then has a smooth rolling line-up of movie cards that make up important lists of movies.

But, first.


Besides the name, there are 2 things you will have to overlook with searchOmeter, but the awesomeness of the app is enough to make you overlook them.

The 1st is, as you can see in the photo, the app is only for the iPhone and yet not updated for the iPhone 5. Annoying, but overlookable.

The 2nd is that, although the app is FREE, to get a nice smooth, ad-free experience, and to be able to make lists of your favorite movies and movies you want to see, you have to do an in-app purchase for $1.99.

The purchase is available through the settings in the bottom right corner and shows up when you turn on the button for searchEXTRA.

Obviously, you don’t need to make this purchase. You can still use all the information contained within the app. You should wait and see what the app has in store before deciding, but as you can see, I thought it was worth it.


If this app were full screen for the iPhone 5, it would really look so great. The cool brushed metal backing behind the movie poster cards is awesome on the Retina screen, although not showing up so well in the photos.

As you search through the movies, you just swipe super easily and with cool noises left and right.

It’s just really a good looking app, minus the black bars.


When you open the app, it defaults to the In Theaters list of movies, but you can change that to any of the lists seen in this photo (Upcoming Movies, In Theaters, Opening, Top DVD Rental, and New on DVD) by pressing the name of the list at the bottom of the screen. Then, up pops the lists.

On these lists is where you find the ultra-cool movie poster cards. Click on them to open them. Double-click to close them. Swipe on them to get from information to more information.

If you decide to pay the $2 and get the extras, you can also press the heart next the other list names and you get a little pop-up list that says Favorites and Movies I want to see, which takes you to the movies you have added to those lists while using the app.


Once you pick a list you desire and find a movie you want to know more about, click on it to see the screen at right.

Amost everything on this movie card is a link to something else.

If you click on the movie poster, you get to see the full-screen movie poster. Click on the percentages to go to the Rotten Tomatoes website, which I talk about just below.

You’ll first see a short description of the movie in the middle of the card. If you swipe left on the card, you’ll find a more comprehensive synopsis of the movie. You’ll also see the buttons to watch the movie trailer, add it to your Want to see or Favorites list, or Share the movie on social media sites.

Swipe again to get a short list of the director, main actors, other important people (all of whom you can click on for more information), runtime for the movie, rating, etc.

Swipe left 1 more time for reviews of the movie.

Below all of this across all the swiping of the middle section, there is an a little section at the bottom that will show you related materials (books, music, videos, etc.) available for purchase on iTunes.

Rotten Tomatoes site

Click on the percentages to the right of the movie poster way back at the top, and you’ll find out the percentage of critics who like it, the percentage of user who like it on the Rotten Tomatoes website, and you can see when the film was in theaters or will be or what have you.

It’s really a whole interactive mobile site for Rotten Tomatoes.

Scroll down and you’ll find the ability to find showtimes based on your zip code. The app will ask you to okay location services for this to work automatically.

Scroll down more to see basically the same information that’s already neatly on the card.

This is a pretty cool IMdB alternative.

IMdB is great for looking up specific things you need, but the searchOmeter app will show you lists of movies based on certain criteria and then includes all the IMdB information, and more, on a little movie card.

Pretty sweet.


The 2nd app I found really knocked my socks off. It’s called FOUNDD. From the amazing look and UI to the ability to filter searches for movies based on what is available on Netflix, FOUNDD is 1 slick app, and it’s all completely FREE.

The movies in this app are no longer in theaters.

When you 1st open the app, you will be asked to rate 10 films on a scale of 1-5 stars. Based on how you rate those 10 films, FOUNDD gives you a Watchlist of movies you’ll like to see. That’s the premise at least, and it’s been pretty darn accurate for me so far.

Don’t worry. There are 2 simple tutorials that will tell you all of this information in much simpler terms and probably easier to understand :)

What you see on your Watchlist basically is the movie poster with the name, year, and genre above. Below that is the ever-present 5 stars for rating, and buttons to either pin the movie to the top of your Watchlist or to go on to the next movie on your Watchlist.

If you’ve already seen a movie, rate it and it moves to your profile page. If you just don’t want that movie on your Watchlist at all but you’ve never seen it, you can click the x in the top corner and get rid of it.


You can also get to the next movie and the previous movie by sliding up and down.

To find out something about the movie, swipe left. There you will see a synopsis of the movie and 2 buttons. The top 1 lets you watch a really nice looking trailer. The 2nd button lets you share the movie on social media.

There isn’t nearly as much information about the movie as there is in searchOmeter, but you have to admit that what there is is very good-looking, well put together, and quite stunning.


If you swipe left 1 more time, it takes you to the screen you see in this picture. What is cool about this, is that it is telling you where the movie is currently available to watch.

If you’re an Amazon fan, this is not the app for you. The only places it tells you about watching are iTunes, which it can take you to directly, and Netflix Instant and Neflix DVD.

Please don’t scream about app developers limiting your right to watch movies on other sites. This is a FREE app that is beautiful and ad-free. It is perfect for Netflix customers and people who mainly shop through iTunes.

I still haven’t gotten to the best part, though.


You can filter your Watchlist in a multitude of ways by clicking on the arrow button in the top, left corner of the Watchlist screen.

That takes you to this screen. Here you can choose to filter your Watchlist by genre, by date, or by place that you want it to be available to watch.

For instance, I can say I’m in the mood for an action movie from the 80s that is instantly available on Netflix. Then, I press Apply, and my Watchlist instantly is filtered to meet these criteria.

You can choose to save your filter for the next time you use the app or just have it work this 1 time by pressing Save Filter. You can also erase all of your changes by pressing Clear All.

Other features of FOUNDD include the ability to just go and rate movies to help FOUNDD clarify what you like, search for movies under the search bar, and see all the movies you have rated under profile.

I’ll warn you that if you sign in with Facebook, it will tell your friends everytime you rate a movie or add a movie to your watchlist. It even added a Movies Tracy Hates to my Facebook page. But, you have the option of signing in using Twitter or your email, so don’t worry.

I have decided that neither The Movie searchOmeter nor FOUNDD are exactly perfect. But, they are both FREE. So, you can have them both without spending a dime and together they make quite the pair. They cover pretty much all of your movie watching options, wants, needs, and desires.

Is anyone else suddenly hungry for popcorn?

That’s it for me today. Until later, …

My New Favorite News Apps: iGeeky & Next Draft

A long time ago, in a news tower far, far away, I was an assistant news editor. I haven’t lost my love of finding good news sources. For a long time, I used Zite Personalized Magazine as my main news source (read my full review of Zite here). It’s a great app and a great news source, but my needs have changed, and I have turned toward specific technology sources and a few other apps to meet my current demands. Which leads me to my 1st app tonight.


iGeeky is the only app you’ll ever need to access every tech source you’ll ever want.

Now, you can go to every single website for every single tech blog and news source, or you can just get the app called iGeeky – Gadget News and Tech Updates. I just discovered iGeeky a month ago or so, but it has fast become my go-to app for tech news.

What makes iGeeky so special is the fact that you can access every tech blog and tech news source you ever use from within iGeeky, or you can just look at the roundup of the latest news made up of all the sources put together. It’s geekorific!


Here are the news sources iGeeky has pulled together into 1 app: Gizmodo, Engadget, Mac Rumors, Cult of Mac, Wired, TUAW, Boy Genius Report, LifeHacker, Kotaku, 9to5mac, Popular Science, GeekWire, Wired Science, TechCrunch, IphoneHacks, io9, App Advice, The Next Web, iOSappStats, The Verge, Mashable!, and Gamelife. On top of all that reading, you can also watch videos from AppAdvice Daily and CrazyMikesapps.

Phew, that’s a lot to get into 1 app, but iGeeky managed to do it. If iGeeky doesn’t have it, it’s probably not that important :)


Reading in iGeeky is pretty cool. The latest news lineup looks like the screenshot at right. The latest news includes stories from all the news sources that I previously listed all rolled into 1 delicious roll of up-to-date news.


When you click on an article in latest news, it looks like the screenshot at left. It’s nice and airy and easy to read.


If you go to 1 of the specific tech sources, like The Verge (my favorite), it looks like the screenshot at right. There is 1 featured story and the rest are in a scrollable line at the bottom of the screen. Just swipe right or left to see the rest of the stories.

When you click on a story to read it in this section, you are taken to a page within iGeeky that looks just like the source’s website. I’d prefer it be stripped of ads and look like reading in Readability or Instapaper, but you can’t always get what you want.

Other than that, iGeeky is next to perfect. For $1.99, you get every tech news source in the galaxy under 1 roof, well in 1 app actually. What more could you ask for?

Next Draft

While not really a tech news source, Next Draft will provide the most interesting reading you are apt to find anywhere.

The other app that I am absolutely in love with when it comes to reading news is called Next Draft – The Day’s Most Fascinating News.

Next Draft

Next Draft is not really a tech source, but when I discovered the app, he was reviewing the most interesting stories from 2012. Included in that was the scariest and most important tech story I’ll ever read. It is called “How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking.” It is a story that you may have read of or heard of before, but I for some reason, had not.

If you haven’t read it and you own an Apple product, you NEED to read it. It actually changed how I use my iDevices. Most importantly, it made me get rid of the app and iCloud service Find My iPhone.

So, despite Next Draft not specifically being a tech source, I’m including it here because it led me to that important discovery.

Next Draft

What is Next Draft then, you might ask? Next Draft is an app run by 1 guy, Dave Pell. He does the app, chooses the stories, does the writing, and does all the research. Every day.

Definitely read his About page, because it is so very interesting.

Interesting is really what Next Draft is all about. Dave picks the most interesting stories of the day, writes blurbs, and gives you the links to the stories. Dave is the messenger for the most fascinating, engrossing, gripping, riveting, entertaining, amusing, intriguing, and newsworthy stories you’ll read in a day.

 Next Draft

As a bonus, Next Draft works with Instapaper, Readability, and Pocket to let you read in comfort either now or later.

You can change from the view you see in the photo at left to a nice, clean Readability page just by clicking the little chair in the bottom corner. Or, you can choose to read the story later by clicking on the button in the middle. That button also lets you do a mulitude of other things with the articles, as you can see.

Whether you’re looking for all tech news all the time or the most interesting and off-the-wall stories you could miss reading mainstream news sources, iGeeky and Next Draft can help.

That’s it for me today. Until later, …

The Evolution of Geek

I spent way too much time in my Tumblr app today looking at infographics. This one caught my eye and I knew I definitely needed to share it.

I'm going to do 2 more roundups of infographics in just a bit. One is on the state of social media in 2012 and the other is on Apple, Apple, Apple (is anyone surprised?). So, stay tuned.

By the way, what kind of geek are you?

Being a Geek infographic