iOS: What Is It?

Some of you may be wondering about the name of this blog. It is named after iOS, otherwise known as the operating system of Apple’s mobile devices. Namely, the iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch. Hence the name, iOS. As to the Affairs part of the title of the blog, it is pluralized because, day after day, I have love affairs with new apps that I have just acquired & old apps that I am rediscovering. So, I found it only fitting to name the blog iOS Affairs. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

5 thoughts on “iOS: What Is It?

    • iOS is the operating system that runs the iPad. It is not something that you have access to or that you really touch but something that continually runs in the background. Some people “jailbreak” their iPads by modifying the operating system and so there is a way to access this system, it just isn’t the easiest of ways to use your iPad, in my opinion. The version is found under Settings, General, About or Software. There you find what version of iOS you are running.

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